HERE’S THE ONE THING: 2016 Presidential Hopefuls Must Address

The one thing 2016 presidential candidates should be talking about might come as a surprise to you.

By Scott Brown,

If you happen to be running for president of the United States and intend to spend some quality time in New Hampshire over the next several months, let me offer some friendly advice:  Be prepared to talk about housing.

Housing is on the minds of many folks in the Granite State. The rising cost of housing, the shortage of affordable rental homes, and the waning ability to access the homeownership market are top concerns.

These issues affect thousands of families across the state – not just in the larger population centers of Manchester, Nashua, and Portsmouth in southern New Hampshire, but also in the more rural communities in the central and northern portions of the state.

The unsustainable housing situation in New Hampshire is a major problem, and one that appears to be growing in intensity and scope every day.

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