ANTI-HUNTING IDIOT AT THE DAILY MAIL: Might Be The Dumbest Person On The Planet (Here’s Why)


If you’re going to pretend to be animal lovers, at least know which animals you’re talking about – unlike the idiots who put together an article for the Daily Mail targeting another hunter after the ‘Cecil the Lion’ madness. Regis Giles, of Girls Just Wanna Have Guns, delivers her scathing critique. Check it out…

by Regis Giles, Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

With last weeks breaking news on Cecil the Lion being ‘illegally’ hunted by Dentist Walter Palmer, this week we are introduced to another doctor who is supposedly guilty of the same crime.

The worked with the Associated Press and published an article highlighting this second supposed poacher and his previous legal hunting conquests.

What’s hilarious about it all?

The ‘facts’ that are stated underneath Dr. Jan Seski’s photos.

Here are five reasons never to trust the MSM on hunting ‘truths’ again.

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