HILLARY LABELS GOP AS NAZIS: But This Is The Reality About the Left’s Golden Girl

Written by Andrew Allen on August 31, 2015

The front-runner for the Democrat nomination shouldn’t be in a position in which shrill rhetoric is the sole method she can use to generate a headline. Yet that’s where Hillary put herself.

Latest item in her rhetorical train is the notion that the GOP wants to put illegals into “boxcars”. It’s a dog whistle reference to Nazi Germany packing up Jews into boxcars to ship them off to concentration camps.

Hillary, like any good Progressive, knows a thing or two about this sort of thing.

The last time this country put it’s own citizens into concentration camps was during WWII. Japanese-Americans were rounded up and shipped off to internment camps.

Who was President during the era of the interment camp? The original Lion of the Left, Franklin D. Roosevelt himself. The same FDR that Democrats like Hillary lean back on as proof positive that all things Progressive are great and that other ideas need not be considered.

When Hillary snarks about boxcars, she isn’t just vying for a cheap headline to knock all her bad press off the news ticker. She speaks from deep within the recesses of the Progressive mind. Boxing people up, then storing them somewhere, is what Progressives do best.

Look at how successfully they’ve done this with African Americans in the inner city.

Then there’s Hillary’s wanting to run around shrieking about how GOP candidates for her coronation slot are akin to Islamo-terrorists?

Who is it that said she was so backwards she didn’t know how to use a Blackberry? Hillary.

Who delivers every speech she gives with all the anger, snark, and chip-on-shoulder verbiage of an Ayatollah? Hillary.

Who ensured the women working for her remained wrapped up in fiscal burqas? Hillary – who paid them about $0.75 versus every $1.00 her male employees earned.

Who doesn’t know how to drive but instead has to be driven around in the back of a Scooby van? Hillary.

Who has an agenda that is completely detrimental towards our country? Hillary.

Who ignores the law and only invokes it when it benefits her? Hillary.

Mullah Hillary. That’s who she is. Period.

Image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ion_Antonescu

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Andrew Allen
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