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HERE’S THE REAL SECRET: To Surviving If America Crashes and Burns

Week three of Onboarding at Microsoft – In my opinion, Microsoft has the toughest Interview process in the Industry. If you make it to the point where you get hired at Microsoft, Onboarding is an intense drink from the Firehose. Looking around, I am meeting some of the most talented Americans and International people I have ever known.

At the National Connections Meeting in Houston, I smoked a cigar and enjoyed two fingers of an adult beverage with a Microsoft Senior Leader. Earlier that day, he dove deep with a team building bicycles for kids in Boys and Girls Clubs of Houston. Then spoke that evening to 3,200 Microsofties about passion and vision.

Is America headed for a recession?

At that relaxed cigar session, I said, “I am pissed at Republicans, Democrats, progressives all. What do you think?”

That man shrugged, “I will exercise my right in the voting booth, hope for the best, and piss and moan as more of the same land in power and take even more out of my wallet.”

I would have grumpily agreed but he had a great smirk on his face. Waving around, he said, “If this thing crashes and the dollar goes worthless, I know exactly what I would do and lead my people in doing.”

“What’s that?”

He said, “Work harder, create more, and continue changing the world. That is how you step back to greatness.”

Awesome Answer! Looking around at Microsoft, there is a level of optimism and cheer that certainly does not flow across the nightly news of whatever flavor. Looking at this historically, I think of our nation’s founding fathers, early Church fathers, and more. They faced incredible challenges and difficulties but never stopped. I take that back to my mentoring of kids, teaching of Bible studies, and more. My encouragement to people is that they figure out how to create stuff, fix stuff, and produce stuff. The ability to create and produce is what picks nations out of the trash heap of failure.

Don’t think I am talking hunky dory. This is hard work. The reason Trump is number one in many polls and Ben Carson number two is that both men are not politicians. Voters are perhaps hoping such candidates would change things up. Yet, the kind of change envisioned in fly over country typically only follows the heels of devastating crises.

In my personal life, I am a sinful man in desperate need of salvation that only comes from a savior beyond the limitations of Space Time. As a result, my wife and I pray II Chronicles 7:14 every day. In our prayers, we ask God first for revival in our family. Then the work and blessings of revival in our church. Next, we turn to pray for the work and blessings of Awakening in our nation.

Then, we go to work. Me at being a dad, husband and Microsoft guy and my wife in her ladies’ ministries, duties as a mom, and wonderful work as my wife. I know that in our church, our community, and in the places where we work are like-minded people. Passionate about changing the world. None of this lands in the news as Megyn and Donald beat the crap out of each other and Hillary struggles with her email.

Final note: As a nation, our leaders proclaimed Isaiah 9:10 in rebuilding the things destroyed by 911 attacks. What a bunch of Biblically ignorant bozos. That verse is a warning about rebuilding in your own strength. Rebuilding will happen but unless God is the builder, all is for naught. You see, that tower rebuilt in Isaiah 9:10 was built in human strength and destroyed by evil hands. It was not rebuilding in prayerful and earnest return to God. Our leaders sealed that verse on their rebuilding in New York City by human hands. I don’t have to watch the news stream verbiage about that rebuilding. I know what is coming if we fail to seek God to revive our families, revive our Church, and Awaken our nation.

Back to writing my next book and drinking from the Microsoft Firehose.

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Clearchus is the author of three Science Fiction books: Sunigin, Insurgio and Certo (Available at Amazon) about the next Texas Revolution. He is a retired Army Field Artilleryman who was one of the last men in the U.S. Army to command an M110 8" Howitzer firing battery. He currently designs computer networks for commercial, non-profit, and government environments. Married for 32 years to the most gorgeous babe he knows, he and his wife have four kids. Their lives and perspectives straddle military assignments, combat tours, and mission trips across Europe, Asia, and the Horn of Africa.

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