MAYBE AMERICA’S NOT TOO FAR GONE–‘Mudblood’ Conservative’s For Trump

Published on August 20, 2015

by Thomas J. Walsh
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

For decades we’ve been told that America was very bad. It started with colonists sniggering as they foisted smallpox-infected blankets off on the innocent and trusting natives. It progressed to the horrors of slavery, the forced relocation of the aboriginal peoples, and the rape of the environment. The culmination is the inevitable destruction of our planet due to American-made global warming.

During this same time our schools have failed, businesses have laid-off millions of workers, household incomes have plummeted, and our enemies have become emboldened. We’ve been castigated, downsized, outsourced, off-shored, and generally disappointed and depressed at every turn.

We tried to fight back giving the Republicans control of the Presidency and the Congress only to have them loot the public treasury with projects like “bridges to nowhere”. The Kelo decision of the Supreme Court was government saying that they had ultimate control over our property for whatever reason. That engendered the Tea Party movement but the continued lack of Republican opposition resulted in the Pelosi/Reid Congress and, two years, later Barack Obama.

We then gave two Congressional landslides to “conservative” Republicans with the amazing effect that the only difference is that Mitch McConnell doesn’t get beat up by his “exercise equipment” as did Harry Reid and John Boehner cries more than Nancy Pelosi. America continues to be overrun by illegals, looted by politicians and their cronies, hacked and threatened by foreign enemies, and diminished by world government types. Americans are frustrated and angry.

Is it any wonder that when a successful businessman, Donald Trump, campaigns on “Making America Great Again” that it resonates with the public? That he has the chutzpah to speak plainly about forbidden subjects; are you surprised that people love it?

Those of us who show our support for Mr. Trump are told he is a Democrat Trojan horse and they know this because they’re “Constitutional Conservatives”. This reminds me of the political commissars the Red Army had in its ranks to enforce political purity. The US Constitution is the greatest political document in history but the simple fact is that we have moved so far beyond the Constitution that (to paraphrase the great Walter E. Williams) any candidate who ran strictly on the Constitution would win no elections.

Who are the alternative candidates? I love Dr. Carson but I believe the country is too far gone to give him any chance in that circus of jackals in Washington. I’ve loved what Ted Cruz had to say but am still suspicious of politicians and his lack of executive experience. Carly Fiorina claims executive experience but I was there with her at the old AT&T and later Lucent. Management training at the old AT&T was like clown school without the intellectual and physical rigor. She then went on to Hewlett Packard where she surprisingly bought Compaq only to kill it and was well on her way to doing the same thing to HP when she was fired. She did nothing after that except lose a winnable race for the Senate in California.

Chris Christie announced his candidacy by touting compromise. That sounds good if you say it fast but historically compromises lead to death and destruction. Neville Chamberlain anyone? The Missouri Compromise gave new life to slavery and the Compromise of 1850 expanded it. The age of compromise led directly to the Civil War. So it has been throughout history. Winston Churchill said: “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense.” If Governor Christie was Solomon the baby would have been cut in two.

Marco Rubio sounds great but minutes after he entered the Senate, according to his own book, he was taken under the wing of Pat Leahy (D-VT). What is his track record other than the “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill?

For Jeb Bush I only have two words: “Terri Schiavo”. And what about the rest of the pack? When I saw the Republican candidates (without Mr. Trump) in New Hampshire just before the Fox debate I thought it was yet another Disney promo for “Minions”. In retrospect, maybe it was.

I learned conservatism from Bill Buckley and the National Review. I was reading Human Events when Governor Reagan was reading it in California. Maybe I learned the most from Florence King though. That makes me a conservative and a realist. I may be a mudblood conservative to the purists but America needs to be big, brash, bold, and loud. We’re the land of rock ‘n’ roll and the big bands not madrigals. I want a leader who’s proud to be American and who want America to win.

So I’m supporting Mr. Trump for president. He may not be able to fix things. Maybe we’re too far gone. Could he be our Vespasian to the Beltway’s Nero? I’m not certain but I’m hopeful he will. I am certain they hate him and that’s okay with me.

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