MEGYN KELLY’S TABLOID QUESTION: What It Says About America and Its Future Ain’t Pretty

Written by Teri O'Brien on August 13, 2015

Many, including commentators here at ClashDaily and elsewhere, have expressed their profound disappointment about the long-anticipated first presidential debate hosted by Fox News, and featuring 10 of the 17 GOP contenders, most notably Donald Trump.

Serious people who tuned to see a substantive discussion if issues were treated to a moronic reality show.

When the country is being gradually destroyed, with an unhinged, lawless Marxist launching a  wrecking ball against the suburbs, nationalizing local police departments, unleashing federal agencies against American citizens who dare to exercise our Constitutional rights and endangering our national security with his politically-motivated  amnesty for illegals and a very dangerous foreign policy, it was RIDICULOUS for Fox to dredge up years-old comments that were part of a feud between Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell. Seriously? This is
what we want the whole country talking about? Such a wasted opportunity to talk about substance, but of course.that wasn’t the agenda. It was a ratings seeking reality show, with Foxeager to get big ratings, which they are still crowing about, and Ms.  Kelly eager to get
out of the makeup chair and get the whole country to talk about her. Mission accomplished,
Guys, and the future of the country be damned. Ms. Kelly, a bleached blonde inquisitor,
with her freakish false eyelashes and demonic, dominatrix-like piercing stare, proved
again, that like nearly every TV anchor, she is NOT a serious person, and like the rest
of the media, not conservative.

“War on women?” She actually used that phrase. I thought I was listening to George Stephanapolous, for heavens sake!  Clearly the other candidates were NOT hit with questions that
were personal like the ones directed to Donald Trump. They were asked questions about
public policy issues. Clearly there was a secondary agenda by Fox (the primary agenda
was driving ratings and feeding Megan Kelly’s huge ego), which was to boost Jeb. I think
the establishment is realizing that Jeb is a total loser with his stumbling, bumbling
do-overs, so now they are switching to another obnoxious RINO, Ohio Governor Kasich. God
help us! Please don’t misunderstand. I am not concerned that anyone is “picking on” Trump,
nor have I endorsed him or any other candidate, although clearly the Fox moderators did
want to go after him specifically. He can take care of himself, but that doesn’t change the fact that this whole show was a pathetic

I’m sure that Ms. Kelly is thrilled though, that EVERYONE is talking about her rather than anything that makes a fig’s worth of difference in the country’s future. She bravely vows to continue to do “good journalism,” which I guess means we can expect more tremendously important and hard-hitting investigations from her in the coming days. Did Donald Trump really fail to tip a restroom attendant in 1987? Inquiring minds want to know! Go to it, Megyn! Journalism depends on it.

So far, I realize, I have stated only the obvious, but as always, I want to analyze this Fox debate disaster at a higher level of abstraction and connect the less obvious dots. To do so, I direct your attention to a very interesting piece from the Atlantic, “The Coddling of the American Mind“, by Greg Lukianoff AND Jonathan Haidt. I commend the entire article to your attention, but here’s the money quote: “Something strange is happening at America’s colleges and universities. A movement is arising, undirected and driven largely by students, to scrub campuses clean of words, ideas, and subjects that might cause discomfort or give offense.” The authors go on to point out that this disturbing attempt to create “safe places,” by banning “microaggression” and issuing “trigger warnings” is destroying critical thinking and may even be creating an environment that nurtures depression and mental illness in young people.

Infantilizing young people and encouraging them to indulge their emotions and rush to their fainting couches is the opposite of what builds a responsible, hearty citizenry, the type of citizenry that built this country and made it great. Ms. Kelly’s question to Mr. Trump, focusing on his “mean” remarks about women, who, by the way, have been very aggressive in their attacking language directed to him and who are anything but shrinking violets, plays to the unfortunate current trend to avoid “offending” anyone, even if the offended are only upset because the “offender” is telling the truth. Is it a coincidence that an overwhelming majority of young people supported Obama, even as he advocated policies that will destroy their futures? (Yes, a rhetorical question.)

I have asked before in this space how our country ended up in this mess. I submit that the mentality described in Messrs. Lukianoff and Haidt’s piece, and reflected by Ms. Kelly’s ridiculous question, scream the answer.

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