Published on August 17, 2015

by Doc Holiday
Clash Daily Contributor

One of my favorite movies from the early 2000’s was Swordfish. without a doubt. I have always been a John Travolta fan and I feel that this movie had many real life lessons in it. Now I know what you are thinking, “Doc has spent too much time in the bottle and at the gambling table. What does John Travolta have to do with BlackLivesMatter?”

In the movie, Travolta’s character talks about Houdini and in doing so gives us the mainstream media playbook in one quote. “Misdirection”. What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes. That is why black LIES matter.

The media is pushing a narrative that attacks police officers and blames white privilege for the state of the black community. They do this because to confront the real ills of African-American culture would be uncomfortable.

Do you need proof that America is being misdirected while the media makes the real problem disappear just like Houdini? Doc is happy to provide it. Have you ever heard these names in the media, Terence Avery Green, Robert Wilson III, Brennan Rabain, and Josie Wells? Of course you haven’t.

Now this is where it gets uncomfortable and the exact opposite of politically correct. Green, Wilson, Rabain, and Wells all have four things in common. They were are all African Americans, police officers, killed in the same week, and completely ignored by the Black Lives Matter crowd as well as the media. Maybe their black lives don’t matter because they put on a uniform every day and decided to work for a living?

Green was a detective in Fulton County who was gunned down by a suspect. Wilson was a patrol officer in Philadelphia who stopped off to buy his son a video game for his tenth birthday when the video game store was robbed. Wilson stepped away from the civilians in the store to keep the bullets away from them and engaged the suspects. He died just five days before his sons tenth birthday. Rabain was killed during a high speed chase. He worked for Prince George County and had a three year old daughter. Finally Josie Wells was a deputy United States Marshal who was killed serving a felony warrant on a suspect accused of a double murder just outside of Baton Rouge.

However, the media doesn’t talk about men like this. Instead the black community is fed a steady diet of conspiracy theories about cops and angry white men hunting down sweet little angels like Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin. This movement, Black Lives Matter, is based in absolutely no fact. The real fact is that they have succeeded in fooling most people in America. Police officers are among the most hated people in America while drug dealers and violent criminals are referred to as good kids, innocent victims, unarmed, and my personal favorite: gentle giants.

What no one wants to say is that the real reason Mike Brown got killed was because he attacked a police officer. Perhaps if Mike Brown had a stable father in his life he would be in college today instead of in the ground. Perhaps Trayvon Martin would still be around had his parents been a more disciplined force in his life. Instead he was left to raise himself and now he is dead.

Today young black men are fed a steady diet of conspiracy theories and racial indoctrination that have led them to believe that white people are the enemy. This has caused them to act out against police and each other. Where was the Black Live Matter movement when less than two months ago, on the Fourth of July weekend, ten people were killed and fifty-five others were shot? The fact is they don’t care about those black lives because they don’t allow for misdirection.

The media and the current presidential administration are complicit in this misdirection and have allowed everything in this country to become about race. What they should really be asking is not how can we blame cops but what can we do to ensure that these young men make better choices and become contributing members of society. Until we take a look at the state of African American culture in America these things will unfortunately continue.

Over the weekend a police officer has come under fire for talking about his annual “Mike Brown Bonus” on Facebook. Why is the media more fired up about a police officer talking about his overtime than groups of African-Americans using the death of another young black male as an excuse to annually burn and loot their own community?

This is why BLACK LIES MATTER. Because as long as the media can continue to misdirect the public they can continue to make the real discussion disappear along with the responsibility that lies directly on those who commit these acts. So next time you see the Black Lives Matter folks pointing your attention to the right, look left and see the real trick that is being pulled off.


Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/5chw4r7z/17139348288

kilmer HolidayDoc is a graduate of a major Jesuit University where he studied Criminology. Currently he is beginning classes shortly to start working on a major in Emergency Management and Homeland Security from a major state institution where he lives. Doc is also beginning a career in law enforcement and is slated to begin his law enforcement positon shortly. Doc has a passion for writing, truth telling, conservatism, guns, hunting, outdoor survival and fishing. He was raised deeply conservative in the rural country of the Southeastern United States. To all those whom seek to challenge my wisdom, “I’m your Huckleberry.” Image: http://jackbrummet.blogspot.com/search/label/prison;