THIS NEW ABORTION VIDEO: It’s Sick Beyond Belief (Brace Yourself)

Written by Rad Magnum on August 25, 2015

Many children head back to school this week, and I find myself thinking about the hundreds of thousands of aborted babies who will never have the chance to join them.

This summer has been red hot with news about Planned Parenthood’s dreadful practice of selling baby parts from abortions. Even as autumn looms on the horizon, the stream of shocking revelations about fetus chop shops is still in full swing.

Yet another video was released by the Center for Medical Progress, the group responsible for the undercover work bringing Planned Parenthood’s deceptive practices to light. This particular video had been blocked by a judge’s injunction, which was just overturned. Yay for first amendment rights!

You need to watch this video so you can see the evidence for yourself. Planned Parenthood and its partner, Stem Express, have a lot to answer for.

Let’s talk about the gems StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer reveals during this sting.

First, who can get over her quasi dead baby joke about lab techs panicking when they open a shipment box and find an intact, dead baby face staring back at them? Ms. Dyer seems to find this scenario hilarious. Meanwhile, Americans everywhere are searching for a trashcan to retch in.

Then there’s Ms. Dyer’s revelation that Planned Parenthood is a “volume institution.” Of course, we all knew that, but it’s a revelation in the sense that people connected to Planned Parenthood admit knowing it, too. The pro-abortion propagandists claim Planned Parenthood does more good than harm, but let’s face it: they run a business based on slaughtering babies in droves. We know it and they know it, too.

Dyer also agrees that clinics contributing dead baby parts for research purposes are well compensated. Dyer poses the question, “Do you feel like there are clinics out there that have been burned, that feel like they’re doing all this work for research and it hasn’t been profitable for them?” When the undercover actors say no, Dyer answers her own question, “I haven’t seen that, either.”

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