VOTING–AND VOTER FRAUD–REMIND US: Only a Few People Can Still Make a Big Difference

Written by Chuck Gruenwald on August 9, 2015

From the execution of Jews, Christians, Muslims who “aren’t the right kind of Muslim,” according to other Muslims, homosexuals, and children in the Middle East, to politicians from both major political parties refusing to address or even acknowledge the security, fraud, and crime that is a result of their unofficial open-borders policy, to the brutal, horrific murder of unborn children for the sake of selling their remains, it would appear that humanity – especially on the part of American citizens – is facing the beginning of the breakdown of civility.

However, there are not specific, yet random points in time when we are threatened with the demise of culture and civility that are isolated by calm interludes; the threat is constant. Sadly, people either choose to ignore the warning signs of the buildup of the types of evil that threaten us, or those warning signs are covered-up by those in journalism and politics who deem such warnings trivial, or counterproductive in an ongoing attempt to revise history in the making.

The United States that was designed by our forefathers — and civility in general — are and will always remain under the constant threat of extinction at the hands of those who fear and despise the rights that each one of us possesses throughout our lives. And either due to incompetence or conscious neglect, it is no secret that many of our present politicians are incapable or unwilling to exercise the power of leadership, which is an intellectual asset which they claimed to possess while campaigning for elected office.
If there is a sign that a politician, especially a Republican, is void of leadership abilities, it is his or her willingness to offer an apology for a social infraction that never happened.

A big difference between conservatives and Republicans is that conservatives believe in what they say they believe. As for Republicans, they claim to believe in what conservatives believe. Unlike how Democrats keep a straight face when they tell their loyal, unquestioning flock that they fight for the lower classes, Republicans are becoming more visibly uncomfortable in proclaiming their allegiance with their most loyal supporters. At present, Republicans’ support of conservatives exists only in words.

Perhaps this is why Republicans, not conservatives are more than willing to apologize for and carry guilt for mere accusations of bigotry, homophobia, sexism, and of course, racism.
Proof that the left knows that there is a difference between conservatives and Republicans is that typical leftist accusations are directed solely toward Republicans whose conservative backbone only exists in theory and assumption.

When leftists accuse Republicans of racism, those Republicans will display signs of guilt, even if the claim is untrue.

When leftists dare accuse conservatives of being racists, conservatives will counter that accusation with facts that not only prove that conservatives place the same value on all human lives, but they will also point out the examples of state-sponsored racism that are ingrained within the Democrat Party.

Perhaps Republicans want to apologize for being accused of racism, sexism, starving children and the elderly, and all crimes — both known and unknown — even though such accusations are simply not true. After all, the more time that is spent addressing non-issues, means that there is less time to address real ones.

While a non-apology apology appears as an insignificant action, expressing regret for an unsubstantiated indictment is an admission that such a person will not risk abandoning the security of high-profile obscurity, by establishing and defending an opinion or decision that at least one of the “protected” people will choose to be offended by. In other words, “if my decision to not make decisions will save one person from the discomfort of being offended….”

Despite the contempt that many American citizens have for elected officials, there is only one method for politicians to become politicians: enough people have to vote for them.

Yes, there is voter fraud. And it is infuriating to think about the fact that while hundreds of thousands of Americans have literally died for our right to vote, those who engage in voter fraud have no respect for that sacrifice. And it seems as if voter fraud is a protected activity.

Earlier this year, WTMJ-AM talk show host Charlie Sykes discussed a case of voter fraud in which an Indiana resident voted for Scott Walker in the Wisconsin 2014 gubernatorial race. Except for the coverage on Mr. Sykes’ show, I had not heard anyone else mention this story. This is perhaps due to the fact that if a politician or the media reports that a Republican engaged in voter fraud, then such an admission would double as an admission to voter fraud on the part of Democrats.

Those who resort to voter fraud realize the importance of every vote.

While many of us “only” have the right to vote, the votes of many are responsible for placing only a few thousand individuals in office. Once in office, those select few appoint and nominate an even smaller number of persons into the Judicial branch.

The politicians that our parents, grandparents, etc. elected into office either supported or opposed judicial nominees. And those nominees who were confirmed are proof that minimal effort could control much more power.

While a few hundred politicians in Congress passed Obamacare and sent it to the White House, only the one politician in the White House was needed to sign it into law.

When its legality was questioned, only five justices were needed to uphold the law that is financially ruining thousands American families, and destroying the American healthcare system.

Only five justices were needed to protect the “legality” of the segregation of Americans.
Only five justices were needed to decide that the murder of fifty-five million-plus unborn American citizens is “legal.”

The fate of the lives of millions of present and future American citizens is either protected or threatened by the actions or inaction of only a few thousand past and present politicians and judges.

The murders that are happening at the hands of Islamic terrorists overseas and the murders that are happening in abortion clinics are justified by their supporters.

Those Islamists commit painful murders in the name of their religion. Unborn and quite possibly born children are painfully murdered in the name of self-servitude; to the abortionist, the pain suffered by the child and the future mental stability and physical health of the former mother be damned.

To beat back, or at least contain the horrors of greed and evil, we must, at the very least, live by example. From there, we must purge from the political system via the ballot box, politicians who refuse to do the same; especially if this means abandoning the false security that comes with Party loyalty. If evil is willing to constantly threaten us, we must acknowledge that we must be willing to constantly defend ourselves and others.

Character is established by how we treat and defend those who do not have the ability to defend themselves. Sadly, this lesson is lost on the people who need to live by it the most.


Born in Chicago and raised in northwest suburban Cook County, Chuck Gruenwald developed an unfavorable opinion of machine politics quite early in life. In addition to cars, electronics, law enforcement, and politics, Chuck enjoys writing, and is also a horse racing fan. He has recently written op-eds for