THE ACTUAL ‘WAR ON WOMEN’: It’s Not What So Many Think It Is

Written by Noreen O'Brien on August 9, 2015

I’m wondering, if there’s a war on women, why no-one ever asked me to join the fight. If it’s really a war shouldn’t there be screaming and bombing and shooting??

Or is it the stealthy kind of war, because that just doesn’t make sense, men are not that quiet.

Actually there really is a war on women, it’s just not the kind of war in the minds of silly television journalists and Washington elites.

Megyn Kelly seems to think because Donald Trump called some women a bad name and Rosie a pig and dumb to boot, he’s a foot soldier in the war. First of all I already know why he called her a pig and dumb and second women call men pigs all the time so what’s her point?
Why didn’t Megyn ask Lindsey Graham why he never married, that’s something I want to know? That could be more of a controversy than anything Trump said.

And I mean we’ve all seen pictures of Obama smoking a joint, so is that the worst Trump has done?

Why isn’t Megyn mentioning that Fox News is one of the largest donors to the Clintons? Oh, and why not ask Jeb about his donors since they happen to be the same as the Clinton donors. After all, Bill and Hillary perfected the war on women.

Seriously why does Megyn think she was even hired by Fox News? She was part of the Fox News experiment, cute girls doing serious stories, she doesn’t see a double standard there? She wasn’t hired for her brain.

Unfortunately the spoiled, entitled brain washed women in the U.S. fail to see what is really going on, and it’s at their own peril.

What about the war on women being waged by illegals on American women? Last week a military veteran Marilyn Pharis was raped and hammered to death by two illegals, one of which was on probation for battery against a woman.

What about the many women bakers who have lost their businesses and all their money in legal expenses because they refuse to bake a cake for same sex “wedding” ceremonies? And just recently a lesbian couple tried to get their neighbor arrested and sued for terrorist threats and setting their garage on fire. The neighbor allegedly stated that two dead queers are better than one. Well, she’s entitled to her opinion and whatever happened to “sticks and stones”? The neighbor was thankfully cleared of the charges.

Did anyone mention to Megyn the story of the husband who strapped an explosives belt to his wife after she threatened to report his terrorism ties to the Muslim Brotherhood?

Or what about the war on young women? You know the ones who are being deformed by their families by having their sexual organs skinned from their bodies.

It’s reported that 96% of girls in Egypt have had this barbaric act performed on them and it has also been reported that 507,000 U.S, women who had already had the procedure or were at risk of having it done, And that was in 2013.

Let’s see, is the kidnapping and holding of members of a tribe in Peru a war on women? I’m thinking it might have been since all of the women held were used strictly for the reproduction of new Shining Path soldiers. Sort of how Isis or any Muslim group operates, using women to create new jihadis. And they all get to have more than one wife.

Hmm almost exactly how Planned Parenthood works, using women to have babies for their own gain.

And let’s not forget the Yazidi girls who are being gang raped and sold in slave markets.

All over the world, non-Muslim women are being raped and beaten in their own countries and you Megyn ask Donald Trump about the war on women.

What a disgusting requiem for the women who haven’t survived the real wars being waged.

Megyn Kelly doesn’t even understand the complete irony of her questions to Trump.

Women are the true enemies of other women, not Trump, because we fail to see who and what is the real cause of our discontent, namely ourselves.

We blame men in America for the stupidest things like keeping the thermostat too low because they have to wear suits. Are you too stupid to put on a sweater? Is that really a battle in the war? Count me out. Men have to wear suits to work so in the spirit of cooperation and a good working environment put something on.

Oh, and just wait until menopause hits you’ll be begging for the thermostat to be lowered!
There are no Sister Soulja moments here. I don’t blame my problems on men.

The point is Donald Trump doesn’t play the p.c. game and he possesses common sense which is what really scares the elites.

Our choices for president for too long have been candidates that have views somewhat close to our own. We vote for them because the alternatives are usually worse.

We’ve come so far down this immoral, deceitful and destructive path that we scream for justice and cry out for real fairness.

Donald Trump is a refreshing change from what we’ve been force fed since Reagan.

We’re being destroyed from inside and out and the war on women is part of the problem.

There is no war on women, blacks are not being murdered by whites on every corner and gays have the same rights as everyone else, it’s all subterfuge. Conjured up by men and women in power, championed by the gullible.

People have been fractioned off, fighting for their own group and beliefs so that America is no longer the cohesive society it once was and it’s just ripe for the taking.

Our only saving grace (until Christ’s return) might just be someone who can see beyond the political correctness and act on it.


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Noreen O'Brien
Noreen O'Brien is a college grad. with a degree in psychology. Noreen worked for years with troubled teens and their families until the revolving door of liberalism made success for these families impossible. She grew up on cape cod Ma., Sweden, France and England and now makes Maine her home.