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CNN’S GOP DEBATE: Was Missing This Monumental Issue – Because Hillary Can’t Be Touched

CNN accomplished its two prime directives at this week’s Republican presidential debate. First, they received their highest ratings in the last twenty years and delivered a spectacle worthy of a WWE pay-per-view. I have to wonder why the Republican candidates would so enthusiastically participate in such a forum. Why do these candidates so willingly just take the bait and pile on each other in a way that I’m sure makes Jerry Springer envious?

Second, CNN did a great job of protecting their Democratic candidates from meaningful criticism. I don’t recall a mention of either Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden. Hillary Clinton was brought up only in passing by pseudo-conservative Hugh Hewitt and then only to ask John Kasich why he doesn’t criticize her. After Kasich’s self-serving drivel, Carly Fiorina provided the only thoughtful critique of Clinton’s lack of accomplishment and a brief mention of the “server” issue.

Should not have Hillary Clinton and her ineptness and deceit been the centerpiece of this debate? Sure CNN did everything they could to keep the Republicans chewing on each other but why did the Republicans acquiesce to their game plan?

The server issue is a monumental one and even our one conservative network appears quite reticent to report on the most important implication of what Clinton was up to. Have you picked up on the fact that even Fox News just deals with the server issue on whether there was classified material received or sent from Clinton’s private server? This is a serious issue, no doubt, especially with how easily the system could have been hacked and sensitive material stolen by those who intend us harm. The bigger question though is WHY did she have a private server in the first place? The media is whistling on past any discussion of that.

Clinton has hand waved that it was just more convenient to have a private server and she could have fewer devices to manage. Clearly though, she has been up to something. Clearly, she was communicating with foreign powers in a way she thought she could control for her own purposes, but to what end? A little Clinton history might give us a clue.

Back in 1994 during Bill Clinton’s presidency, the president and the CEO of Loral Space and Communications, Bernard Schwartz, developed a very close relationship. In that year, Schwartz pushed hard to be part of an economic mission to China headed by then Secretary of Commerce, Ron Brown. This opportunity paid off big time for Loral and Schwartz when he was able to win a huge deal to provide cellular telephone coverage in China.

Later in 1996, Schwartz was successful in getting the Clinton administration to change export-licensing policy to allow the Commerce Department to make the decision as to whether Loral could use China to launch its communications satellites. The State Department previously had this jurisdiction and moving this responsibility created great concern among our national security team. Despite this, the Commerce Department allowed the shipment of Loral satellites to ship to China and be launched on Chinese rockets saving Loral millions and millions of dollars.

The only problem for Loral was that Chinese rockets were unreliable and inaccurate making the deal financially questionable. Once Loral started working with the Chinese however, the reliability and accuracy of their rockets improved dramatically and in turn, made them a much greater threat to our national security. This is not just a coincidence.

Bernard Schwartz was one of Clinton’s biggest campaign financiers. He provided over $1.3 million dollars to the Clinton campaign. Clinton even threw him a birthday party bash at the White House. Whatever Bernard Schwartz requested of the White House was spirited through the normally glacial bureaucracy in a matter of days or weeks. Clearly, campaign money was buying influence.

Today we know that the Clinton charity foundation was simply a vehicle for enriching the Clinton family. Only a small fraction of the money has gone to charitable causes. Both Hillary and Bill have raked in tens of millions of dollars giving mindless speeches to anyone with a checkbook. Would anybody really pay that kind of money to hear either of these two speak on anything? People with lots of money who shell out lots of money expect lots in return.

Hillary’s stint at the State Department gave her the perfect platform for raking in lots of cash for her presidential run. She would be engaging with every important world leader. She would be running deals with big businesses both foreign and domestic. The Clinton influence peddling machine was back and now on steroids. So obviously there would be considerable email communication that just couldn’t proceed through normal government channels.

In the 1990’s, the Clintons sold out our security for campaign cash and put our country at significant risk. We don’t know what promises Hillary has made that she would make good on as president but we can be assured that the security of this country is not her highest priority. Leaking top secrets to our adversaries through an amateurish server is felonious. Peddling influence that puts our country at risk is treason.


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John Tutten

John Tutten holds degrees in both engineering and business management. He is veteran of thirty-three years in the high technology business world where he spent time in development engineering and technology management predominantly in the area of custom semiconductor circuits. He recently retired to the mountains of north Georgia where he devotes his time to the study of Christian Apologetics and writing in defense of the Christian worldview.

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