COMBAT VET: 1000’s Of Terrorists Are Infiltrating Europe As ‘Refugees’

Written by Omar Avila on September 7, 2015

Syrian operatives have claimed that more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen have been smuggled into Western nations – hidden amongst innocent refugees.

The operative said the undercover infiltration was the beginning of a larger plot to carry out revenge attacks on the West in retaliation for the US-led coalition airstrikes.

Remember a couple of months ago when the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) published a list that contained names, photos, and home addresses of U.S. Armed Forces personnel?

The Cities below were expected to increase in security due to the threat:

Texas: Abilene, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Wyle, Fort Hood, Bedford, Killeen

Indiana: Michigan City, Bolivar

Michigan: Dearborn Heights, Lake Orion

Connecticut: Barkhamsted, Manchester

Nevada: Reno

Georgia: Griffin

Maryland: Upper Marlboro, Warrensburg, Lexington Park

Arizona: Phoenix

Louisiana: Shreveport, Bossier City

South Carolina: Daniel Island, Charleston

North Carolina: Fayetteville, New Bern

Virginia: Burke, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Springfield, Norfolk, Chesapeake

Colorado: Colorado Springs

California: Hanford, Solvang, San Ardo, Monterrey, Newberry Park, Carlsbad

New Mexico: Farmington

North Dakota: Minot

South Dakota: Rapid City

Florida: Merritt Island, Palm Coast, Saint John, Middleburg, Saint Augustine

Washington: Colton, Cheney, Seattle, Spokane, Anacortes

Nebraska: Bellevue

Illinois: Orland Park

Rhode Island: Newport

Idaho: Bonners Ferry

I remember when ISIS stated that their attack would take months of planning – but that they would carry out their attacks.

Their timing couldn’t be better. Our country is divided, our faith along with our security is low, our law enforcement can’t perform their jobs because they’re in constant threat of being killed by the very own people they protect, and all of our focus is on the race war created by the Obama administration.

We need to wake up America – let’s come together as a country before it’s too late. Do we need to suffer yet another horrifying attack on American soil that claims thousands of lives to unite us and make us feel patriotic again?

It’s a high price to pay and a slap in the face for every single one of my brothers who paid the ultimate sacrifice trying to prevent another terrorist attack. And let’s not forget those who have been severely wounded and carry the scars of combat inside and out. Are we going to let their sacrifice be in vain?

I will stand, locked and loaded, defending my country before I see our sacrifices go to waste in vain….


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