HYPOCRISY IN ACTION: Muslim Is Protected by Law, While Christian Rots in Jail Cell

Written by Rad Magnum on September 7, 2015

Airline company ExpressJet suspended Muslim employee Charee Stanley because she refused to serve alcohol to passengers. Why? Doing so would’ve violated her religious beliefs.

Ms. Stanley is now pursuing legal action against ExpressJet to fully reinstate her employment with religious accommodations included. Her lawyer, Lena Masri, spent some time on CNN explaining why exactly the law is on Ms. Stanley’s side.

Does this sound familiar to another story you’ve heard recently? Except, while the Muslim is suing her employer for violating her religious beliefs, the Christian is rotting in a jail cell for the same reason. Let’s take a moment to discuss this hypocrisy.

Now, I know what you might be thinking: it’s not against the law to refuse to serve alcohol on a flight, but it is against the law to refuse a court order. True.

HOWEVER, it’s the argument that comes out in this interview with Ms. Stanley’s lawyer that I want to draw your attention to. You need to watch this video for yourself so you have a clear picture of what I’m talking about.

Did you catch that? The lawyer makes this point THREE TIMES:

“Our society places upon employers an obligation to accommodate the religious beliefs of employees,” said Ms. Masri. “[Employers] are required by law to ensure that there is a safe environment in place and employees can practice their religious beliefs freely.”

Kim Davis’s religious beliefs prevent her from distributing marriage certificates for homosexual couples. Yet, did her employer make any attempt to accommodate her religious beliefs? Obviously not, or else Kim Davis wouldn’t be bunking at Carter County Detention Center.

Ms. Davis’s workload could’ve been shifted away from marriage licenses and towards other tasks, but they weren’t. So Kim Davis didn’t just lose her job, she lost her entire way of life and her privacy because her employer wouldn’t accommodate her religious beliefs.

If the law is on Charee Stanley’s side, why isn’t it on Kim Davis’s side, too?

While you’re thinking about this, check out this late-breaking story about a gay judge who’s refusing to marry straight couples. What is this world coming to?

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