WOUNDED COMBAT VET: Here’s How Obama Is Building and Training Up A Muslim Army

Written by Omar Avila on September 24, 2015

Division 30 is a U.S. training program assigned by President Obama for Syrians in Turkey, also known as the “Moderate” Muslim Rebels. The program is designed for them to learn our tactics, maneuvers for combat against ISIS, and we even issue and teach them how to use our weapons.

The second class of the “Moderate” Muslims Rebels graduated from the program two days ago. Yesterday they returned to Syria to take the battle to the enemies that are overrunning their country. Well, at least that was the plan; instead they handed over all of the weapons that we gave them to an Al-Qaeda affiliate by the name of Jabha Al-Nursa. The program is so bad that congress recently reported that only 4-5 American-trained Syrians remained on the battlefield against the Islamic State group.

The leader of Division 30, Anas Ibrahim Obaid, issued a statement repudiating the division and people who trained the “Moderate” Muslim Rebels. But of course he did, because the program has been funded $500 million dollars. He knows exactly how many troops they can train, how many weapons they can be issued with that kind of cash, and we all know that our resources will make it into the hands of the enemy to be used against the “infidels”.

You would think that the President would shut down the program, especially when the Chief of Staff resigned a week before the class graduated; or when he released a statement saying he left because the program was “not serious” and suffered “a lack of accuracy and method” in the selection of Division’s 30 cadre’s. But we know he will ignore all his military advisors to shut it down because he loves arming his Muslim brothers – and in my opinion, he’s building himself an army to destroy everything we stand for.

This isn’t the first time that this has happened, the President has been indirectly handing weapons to our enemies since he took over. How does he keep getting away with this? He needs to be impeached NOW while we still have time to save our country.

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