SILENT NIGHT: The Pope Mentions Nothing About The Rape, Torture & Genocide of Christians

Written by Rad Magnum on September 24, 2015

Washington, D.C. spent yesterday in gridlock, and I’m not talking about congressional standoffs. The city experienced a minor halt thanks to a visit from Pope Francis.

The Pope was in town all day to visit with President Obama, give a message to Congress, and wave at throngs of people gathered to witness his motorcade. He also made a stop at the National Cathedral, where Muslims were welcomed to hold a prayer service around this time last year.

Pope Francis has been widely perceived as a different kind of Pope. He has greater popularity among secularists than other recent popes, and has taken on touchy issues, like homosexuality, with a more progressive perspective. Those two things are probably related.

With that in mind, whatever your expectations or hopes might have been about what the Pope would say during a visit to Washington, D.C., I guarantee you, this wasn’t it. I’m utterly dumbfounded by the topics Pope Francis made priority issues.

National radio host Mark Levin had a lot to say about the Pope’s remarks. You’ll definitely want to hear this, because Mark really nails the issues.

First of all, the Pope talked about climate change, particularly air pollution. I don’t even know where to begin with this. How in the world climate change is a religious issue, much less one of the Pope’s top priority issues, is beyond understanding.

“There’s more slaughter, there’s more rape, there’s more misery today than there was before [Obama] took office,” Mark said, “So it’s quite precious when he and the pope go on and on about climate change.”

It’s true—rape, torture, and genocide of Christians is widespread and worldwide, and yet the Pope didn’t mention a word about it. This was a chance for the world’s foremost Catholic figurehead to take a stand on Christian persecution and genocide, and he chose silence.

The Pope also laid a guilt trip on America for not taking its fair share of refugees and immigrants. In the link above, Mark Levin lays out some mind-blowing statistics on how the immigration situation in this country and how it affects national elections, proving the Pope wrong. If you haven’t yet listened to what Mark has to say, go back and click the link above. It’s worth it.

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