Written by Steve Bowers on September 29, 2015

That’s right. Some Islamic guy … who hated all subsequent humanity invented algebra. Just kidding. Actually some Arabic misanthrope invented it. His progeny would later get saddled with Islam and their more drab females had to start using Omar the Tentmaker as their haberdasher. Islamists also take credit for a lot of other stuff, like our numeric system, which was fully functional and operating long before Mohamud came along. (Can you imagine doing third grade long division with Roman numerals? That stuff was hard enough.) 1,2,3…9, as you know are referred to as Arabic Numerals. The “arch” …? Nope. Wrong again. The Romans did that. And the dome is simply an articulated arch. Also the Romans.

Islam does not promote individualism, freedom or anything else conducive to economic or intellectual/scientific development. Just the opposite. Islam absorbs other goodies from non-Islamic cultures and grabs the credit. In fact, maybe you’ve seen that email list of Nobel Prize winners that makes the rounds. It goes on and on for pages with the names of Jewish winners. Well … Islamists are on the list, too. All four (4) of them. Maybe it’s five (5) now since Obama seemed to have stumbled over one.

An old friend of mine told me that the Ruskies have a different inventor than is commonly known for everything. Ask a Ruskie who their greatest poet is and they’ll get upset if you don’t agree it was Pushkin. But ask them about Pythagoras and they will say “no…no…no…” that theorem about right triangles was invented by some guy named Raskolnivoski … or something like that. I wonder if Islamic scholars pull the same stuff?

“Clocks?” Islamic invention? Nope. And I hate clocks. To hear my Varsity basketball coach back home tell it …(which I had to endure during my recent visit home)… I have never ever looked at a clock. What does he know? His memory is gone with his hair. (I don’t wish to pick on him. He was good for me. Except the time after a home game when I came home an hour after team curfew and he was sitting with my parents around their dining room table discussing the game. Ooooops! He still remembered I owe him 50 laps for that faux pax…so his memory isn’t entirely gone.)

Anyway, no Muslim guy invented clocks. Muslim Clock Boy didn’t invent anything. He just reassembled an already existing clock that had been manufactured a few decades ago. A junior high school fraudster.

And, of course, the “smartest guy in the world” glommed onto Clock Boy’s instant and fleeting fame and invited him over to the Oval Office. Obama is truly a guy who, though he recently claimed to be “more Jewish [than someone],” will never make it onto that long list of Nobel recipients.

Remember the Czars (the Obama appointees … not those ruthless jerks from the early Kremlin days) he appointed? (Where are they now?) And how they nearly all ducked out quickly. They were over their heads. They were too dumb for the job. Obama is, too. He is barely smart enough to recognize he needs to appoint smart people to certain jobs. But he isn’t smart enough to recognize someone smart enough to do the job. It’s like specific gravity. Dummies gravitate until they are congealed. Hasten the day.

Steve Bowers
Steve Bowers grew up on a farm in Indiana, attended Indiana University and went into the construction business. While working on a construction project at a law school he was appalled at how lawyers could screw stuff up on a simple building project. Thinking he could do better, Steve went to law school. He’s pretty naive.