Written by Andrew Allen on September 3, 2015

Would Toyota let Chevrolet pick the design and sticker price of next year’s Corolla? Would the Dallas Cowboys let Tom Brady manage their footballs? Would Tom Brady let the Cowboys manage his? Would Carl Edwards skip his own pit stall at the next race and instead pull in so that Denny Hamlin’s crew could give him fresh tires and gas? Would it make any sense at all for the good citizens of one state to let another elect their Governor, or for the citizens of one town to elect another town’s mayor?

How is it then that virtually all of media has gone hook, line and sinker for the narrative that pretends there was an issue with CNN denying Fiorina a spot on the debate stage based on polling data? [Since this column was written, CNN has said they will be allowing Fiorina into the main debate. – Clash Editor].

It’s not an issue of whether CNN was within bounds to deny Fiorina a spot on stage. They have a vested interest in keeping Fiorina off the ticket. After all, a segment of leftists wants a woman to be elected President and thus neither email server nor Carly Fiorina need get in the way of Hillary’s coronation. Whenever a woman is elected President, the feminazi crowd will adopt a by-any-means-necessary approach towards ensuring she’s a Democrat. To that end, no doubt CNN would gerrymander poll data two ways from Tuesday if necessary. But this had nothing to do with whether Fiorina got a spot on CNN’s stage.

The real issue, the one media isn’t willing to talk about, is this: why does CNN get any role whatsoever in choosing who the Republican nominee will be?

Anyone remember Candy Crowley’s rescue of a floundering and flailing Barack Obama during the 2012 Presidential debates? That’s Candy “CNN” Crowley by the way. That’s CNN, a media mouthpiece of the Democrat Party. They are Pravda under another name.

Why does CNN get a role in this at all?


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Andrew Allen
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