THE WAR OF WORDS: Promote Your Dissent While You Still Can

Published on September 3, 2015

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

Since November 2014, I have been privileged to have Clash Daily/Doug Giles accept 38 of my writings as a Guest Contributor, this being 39th.  I admit that my opinions almost exclusively express “dissent” from this Administration in general and even some specific political individuals.  Equally, with selective caution to a few, I support local law enforcement, in particular, Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  I also advocate controlled, documented, legal immigration.

As each of my writings has been published, friends and family have occasionally expressed concern for my safety, particularly my wife.  Several times I have received encouragement that I retain legal counsel.  In addition, after living in this neighborhood for twelve years, for the first time we have suddenly become victims of vandalism and prowling, (We being the only ones).  These events brought me to overtly and strongly respond with filing police reports with investigation, installing a major security system, and advancing my writing to display my abject loathing of what our nation is becoming if you do not “follow the leader”.

First I confess to being a dissenter.  (Dissenter definition: a person who dissents).  What is it to dissent? (Dissent is a sentiment or philosophy of non-agreement or opposition to a prevailing idea, (e.g., a government’s policies) or an entity /wiki/Dissent ).

Nowhere is dissent itself synonymous with threat or violence.  In fact, our founding fathers not only encouraged dissent, they were dissenters from King George of England.  The Revolutionary War was because King George refused to accept the peoples “dissent” as expressed and presented to him in the Declaration of Independence.  The Constitution is a document of dissent against the laws of the King.

But now we seem to have entered a contrived era where dissent is spun by politicians to be a foul trait.  My only threat is by the ballot I cast when I vote.  When peaceful dissent runs up the banner of caution out of fear of reprisal from government, we are in a danger zone to lose freedom.  In many countries, their court of law is empowered to wield a sentence up to and including death for dissent. Some in our government seem hell-bent in that direction.

For example of dissent, at age 19, my wife prepared to unlawfully escape from East Germany to that rumored land of freedom, “The West”; never to return.  She was found out and written up for re-training in prison.  While two guards argued she made good her escape.  But this will forever remain this family’s first hand example of the hazard of dissent.  During the last decade, she has often feared that we, as a country, are reverting to the tyranny of her youth.

Dissent can first be identified by making selected words, phrases and identities as a form of dissent from what the government deems acceptable.  For example, every week the list of words or phrases is introduced to the list of unacceptable speech otherwise known as being “politically incorrect”.  The first step in limiting freedom of speech is to intimidate and/or harass and belittle a person for use of an “unacceptable” word or term.  Since Obama took office, the list of unacceptable words and/or opinions has grown exponentially.  The result is baiting citizen against citizen.  Here are just a few of the more recent many that are considered unacceptable: 1) Illegal Alien, 2) Female or Male, 3) Muslim Terrorist, and the list grows daily.

And who controls this list?  Government and Academia!  Think about the list of words and intimidating titles that governments from municipal to federal and Academia have distributed.  They have circulated bulletins that particular words or phrases are no longer to be used in official documents or communications.  To do so results in derogatory labels intended to humiliate the offender; this practice now obtaining the definition of a “War of Words”.  (See: “25 INSULTS FROM THE LEFT: That Conservatives Should Wear Proudly ”).

It does not take a PhD to relate this to the promoted and growing division of gender, religion, race, income, etc. that has reached shocking hostility.  This hostility is most vivid in the accelerating daily reports of citizen on citizen crime.  The acme of this hostility is the overtly promoted murder of uniformed law enforcement.  

I charge that our government has manipulated We the People to the rim of the precipice of Anarchy.  This will soon result in only a single person in charge of us all; yes, a King of the U.S. that further divides the people, many by clique formation and a growing number by incarceration.  And the rumors grow about government established “camps” for retraining of dissidents.

For those in doubt of this possibility, study world history, in particular: Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, Mao, Kaddafi, Sadam H., and so many others, recently including ISIS.  At this time, the born of hate plague of hostility has spread across Southern Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, encircled the Mediterranean, and heavily invaded Europe.  And now this plague has begun, (yes, only begun) here in the U.S.

I for one promote dissent while we can still express objection.  Once we lose our First Amendment right to freely express objection, all other rights will fall as dominoes, never to be revived.  


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