HERE’S A LIST: Of Things Democratic Public Officials Can Do And Get Away With

Written by Allan Erickson on September 28, 2015

What would happen if a Republican public official:

  • Violated the law and compromised national security by setting up a private email server, allowing classified material to fall into the hands of our adversaries, a Republican who then engaged a pervasive cover up to avoid discovery and prosecution?
  • Neglected security enhancements requested by a besieged U.S. consulate in a war torn region to the point American foreign service personnel suffered death and injury, and said official then lied about the causes of that attack, concealing the truth from Congress and the public over many months?
  • Prosecuted an illegal war in Libya using proxies, refusing to consult Congress, refusing further to uphold his oath to defend and protect the Constitution?
  • Illegally ran guns and RPGs from Africa to Syria to arm so-called rebels who turned out to be Jihadists?
  • Forced health care “reform” by every underhanded trick in the book in complete contradiction of both the Constitution and the will of the majority?
  • Used tax payer resources to subvert free elections in Israel in an attempt to remove one prime minister and install another?
  • Took tax payer money to support terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood?
  • Used authority to provide military weaponry to known terrorist organizations?
  • Directly interfered with the internal affairs of Egypt to topple that country’s executive leadership and make a way for the Muslim Brotherhood to rule?
  • Handed the nation of Iraq over to Jihadists, knowingly squandering U.S. blood and treasure spent over many years to secure the country and start it on the path to democracy and freedom?
  • Promised to topple Assad in Syria, but instead, delayed and dithered to the point of allowing Assad to slaughter upwards of 300,000 of his own citizens, allowing for the expansion of ISIS, and causing the greatest humanitarian crisis since WWII?
  • Refused to negotiate with Congress with regard to immigration, health care and funding for Planned Parenthood, either causing government shutdowns, or threatening them, then blaming Democrats for shutdowns and gridlock?
  • Set up a foundation, supposedly designed to do good works, a foundation that turned out to be a front for influence peddling and private profit, one with direct ties to the highest levels of the U.S. government, one receiving contributions from countries with horrific human rights violations?
  • Used her office to curry favor with certain powerful interests, rewarding political allies, and punishing political enemies, all in direct violation of law?
  • Released from prison hundreds of terrorists and tens of thousands of illegal immigrant felons to return to the battlefield or a life of crime, causing Americans to be killed and injured at unprecedented levels?
  • Purposefully neglected intelligence briefs, giving Jihad a wide berth to operate, at the same time condemning American Christians as being enemies of democracy for abiding their faith and their conscience?
  • Actively used the IRS to harass and persecute Democrat enemies and adversaries, directly interfering with democratic processes and denying citizens’ God-given rights to free speech, self-government, redress of grievances and representation.
  • Squandered $1 Trillion on a phony “stimulus” scheme that turned out to benefit that official’s friends and allies exclusively?
  • Was found lying time and again to the American people even as he assists the largest state sponsor of terrorism to acquire nuclear weapons and $150 billion to “invest” in more terrorist attacks against the U.S. and Israel?

And what happens when Democrat public officials actually commit these crimes?  Nothing.


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Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.