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IDIOTS TAKE NOTE: How NOT to Embarrass Good Conservatives at Public Events

One of the most remarkable excerpts from Sanford Horwitt’s biography of Saul Alinsky exposes the latter’s genius for effective deception.  In the early 1970’s, students at Tulane University had requested help from Alinsky in planning a protest during an upcoming speech by George H. W. Bush, who was serving as our representative to the United Nations.  Anticipating Bush’s likely defense of Nixon’s approach to the challenges of the Vietnam War, the zealous young students planned to hold protest signs and do what ignorant lefties do best: make a nuisance of themselves.  But, before they went out and bought poster boards and markers, Alinsky offered an unconventional alternative.  To quote Horwitt,

That’s the wrong approach, [Alinsky] rejoined, not very creative – and besides causing a disruption might get them thrown out of school. He told them, instead, to go to hear the speech dressed as members of the Ku Klux Klan, and whenever Bush said something in defense of the Vietnam War, they should cheer and wave placards reading, “The KKK supports Bush.” And that is what they did, with very successful, attention-getting results.

The leftist progressives learned this well from their hero (and their hero’s hero, Lucifer). What fun they’ve had showing up to Tea Party rallies with misspelled signs like “White Poeples Ain’t Gonna Take it No More.”  Of course, the alphabet media is hot on their heels, giving them ample opportunity to explain to news watchers what conservative goals truly entail.  Unfortunately, the same media folks have no interest in following them all the way back to the parking lot to scratch their heads and wonder why these Tea Party conservatives are leaving the rally in Volkswagons that sport “Ready for Hillary” bumper stickers.
Yes, it’s a problem.  I’ve seen them myself.  Or, at least I’ve suspected it.  I’ve also suspected the media have suspected it.  Not that they care.
But we have another problem at these rallies.  It’s not the Alinsky disciples.  It’s us.  There are idiots in our ranks.  I saw it Tuesday in Grayson, Kentucky.
Is it possible the guy with the Confederate flag was really an incognito campus lefty who upon returning to his dorm room promptly swapped his black cowboy boots for a pair of plaid unisex Converse sneakers?  Possibly.  But I watched him closely.  I listened to him trade blows with a lesbian activist.  If he was a lefty, he’s got a future in Hollywood.
If even just a fraction of 1% of the conservatives in attendance are morons who are simply trying to draw attention to themselves, the media no longer need the Alinsky disciples.  They can stay back at Starbucks, sip their fair trade coffee, and read Rules for Radicals as superfluous theory.  So, before attending your next conservative event, I offer Meyer’s “Rules for Conservatives” for your consideration.
1) Realize it isn’t about you.  True, if you show up with a Confederate flag, you are certain to make the news.  But is that the goal?  Will the mere sight of your mug at 5:00 on Channel 7 further our cause?  If the answer isn’t immediately obvious, take as much time as you need to ponder the question. 
2) If you are going to make a sign, spell check it.  Then ask yourself, “Even with impeccable spelling, could this sign possibly be used against us?”  If you aren’t sure, then leave it in the car.  If the gathering in Grayson on Tuesday consisted of 5,000 people, exactly .02% of them (a total of 1 person) held signs saying “Got AIDS Yet?”  But for the media, that’s all it takes to portray the entire crowd as those who hate homosexuals and celebrate when they get AIDS and die. 
3) Don’t yell at protesters.  In fact, don’t yell at all.  Know at all times that if you bring a bullhorn you will annoy 100% of your fellow conservatives.  Even the tiny handful of your fellow idiots will be annoyed because you are stealing attention from them.  You will be utterly friendless.
4) You will want to keep the purpose of the event in mind.  Someone in Grayson used the occasion of decrying Kim Davis’ arrest and persecution by a tyrant judge as his opportunity to make a public proclamation of the superiority of the King James Version to all competing translations of the Bible.  This is, well. . . off topic.  If you are going to distract from the purpose of the event, plan your own event.  See how many people show up. 
5) For heaven’s sake, don’t be weird.  Don’t say weird things.  Don’t wear weird clothes (which includes almost all costumes).  Be sure to bathe, brush, and wear deodorant.  There’s only one Ted Kacynski.
6) Finally, as a general rule if you are going to be an embarrassment to the rest of us, don’t bother showing up.  Your presence does more harm than good.  You won’t be missed.
4,985 of the 5,000 people in Grayson represented us well on Tuesday.  It could have been a perfect day if the other 15 had stayed home and left the job to the Alinskyites.

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Shawn Meyer

Shawn Meyer, father of seven and husband of one, is a small-town Midwest pastor. A public speaker with diverse interests, Shawn has trained and lectured for schools, churches, camps, and charitable groups on topics ranging from bioethics to bow hunting. Boisterously active in politics and cultural reformation from his youth, Shawn’s fighting spirit is inspired by love of God and country.