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AMERICA LAST: Obama’s Wasting Tax Money Abroad & Driving Up the Cost of Education

by Ian Bayne
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Obama flips off America on his way out: Globalism exporting cash, ObamaCollegeCare finishing off the middle class

President Obama announced the last effort of his presidency to divide the American people by income levels and export wealth to other countries.

On Wednesday, Obama promised $175 million in grants to a crowd in Warren, MI, while calling for tuition-free college for the first two years.

As part of Obama’s Back-to-School Tour, announced at the White House on Tuesday, the next week will be a campaign of sorts to finalize the president’s legacy.

With 100 politically connected employers out of the nation’s 27.9 million in attendance, Obama’s push is designed to appear as a program to reverse the job crisis he created but refuses to acknowledge exists.

The real goal; however, is to accomplish three specific things: first, to force the cost of college higher through governmentalizing it, second, to force a majority of Americans to depend on government assistance in order to afford college, and third, to create future political elitists to export American tax money to other countries primarily through something called an “apprenticeship” or PAGE program.

PAGE stands for the Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship, and is described by the Obama administration as “a group of successful American businesspeople eager to share their knowledge and experience.”

These successful businesspeople work alongside Entrepreneurs Across Borders, who have positioned themselves as community leaders and activists both domestic and abroad, and advertise foreign ventures in places like Baghdad, Norway, and Brazil.

With efforts to send money to other countries as payments for “global warming”, there will be a need for domestic corporate entities to facilitate programs designed to create a global community out of US wealth.

The PAGE program, as explained by participant Pinnacle Group, is organized around vague concepts of capital, education, training, and mentorship with a focus on globalism.

Mentors who participate, such as Pinnacle CEO Nina Vaca, specialize in making connections with government leaders and serving on boards with the wealthy and powerful political class.

Vaca’s company appears to be positioned to receive tax money, as Pinnacle’s purpose reads like a government grant. Offering itself as a workforce solutions provider and offering slogans as explanations of purpose, such as “reimagining your labor force” and “simplification of managed services,” it appears from the career section of their website that they are taking on positions that mirror the uselessness of government employees.

In addition to facilitating the assistance of other nations at the expense of the American taxpayer, companies like this can focus on wasting taxpayer money here at home through layers of duplicate management to oversee operations on everything from construction projects, red light traffic cameras or speed cameras, or the implementation of license laws.

While the globalism and domestic strangulation by wasteful spending parts of Obama’s new efforts are key to bankrupting future generations of Americans, the current generation of wealth and political opponents are being targeted by Obama’s new free college plan.

With Obamacare sending up the price of healthcare, embarrassing millions of Americans into having to depend on government subsidies to afford it, too many of us are fighting back at the ballot box by electing Republicans.

ObamaCollegeCare is designed to remove as many of the resistance as possible by pitting neighbor against neighbor in a move to alleviate financial burden from a middle class being crushed by the cost of higher healthcare.

With license laws mandating otherwise useless college degrees, all Americans are forced to participate in the pursuit of a college degree.

This leaves a new generation, questioning the competency of a political party that would spend money that doesn’t exist, with a new perspective: fighting for survival.

If the middle class sells their votes in exchange for college degrees, then they will see their demise and cement the Obama legacy as the president that destroyed the American dream.

Ian Bayne editIan Bayne is a former Republican consultant, talk show host, and small business owner.


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