MAO, STALIN, HITLER & FARRAKHAN: They All Conveniently Forgot ‘All Lives Matter’

Written by Larry Usoff on September 14, 2015

It’s getting to the point where life is cheap…in America.  We have sent our troops to other countries where life really IS cheap, and death is longed-for in the service of their Moon God…and now that mindset has come to America.  

We have a faux preacher in the person of Louis Farrakhan who has made a nice living off the useful idiots that have bought his Nation Of Islam rhetoric, calling for the killing of “whitey”.   There are going to be some of those useful idiots who will take that to heart and go out and do just that…kill whitey, wherever they find them.   You should not be surprised when you hear about what seems to be a lone wolf, senseless, killing of a white person by a black person.   The mainstream media will tell you, if they tell you anything at all about it, that it’s an isolated incident, when it is really part of a concerted effort.  

I think it’s interesting that in the Arabic language even before Muhammad, the word Slave – Abd — was – and still is — associated with BLACK AFRICANS.   The Arabs looked upon the Black people as inferior beings. Muhammadan Islam and the followers of the faith propagated the same image, so Farrakhan, being black would be classified as a slave, as I understand it.

Imagine if you can a white mob chasing down a black person and beating that person to death.   The commotion would be reverberating around the world inside of a minute.   Why is it then, that we don’t hear of things like that?   Now I’ll hear from those that are going to recall the lynching of blacks in America…and I’ll grant you that was a terrible thing to have happened.   To the everlasting credit of America, we quit doing that, not because the law said so (which it did) but because it was the right thing to do.   America, finally, recognized that black, brown, tan, “yellow” people…all were human beings and it was not right and proper for one group to “own” another human being simply because of the color of their skin.

One of the Democrats running for President said, in an interview, that all lives matter and he was booed and heckled to the point where he had to recant his statement.   Excuse me, but to us so-called enlightened people, please tell me which life is more important than the other?   There are instances, in a do-or-die situation, where one life may be more important than the other, if that one life is yours, but other than that, aren’t all lives important?  

We’ve had mass murders on scales that boggle the mind…think of Mao Tse Tung, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, and Adolph Hitler, just to name a few.  They slaughtered millions because they didn’t look like them, or worshiped something different, or thought about things differently.  

We are captives, if you will, on a life-giving ball, hurtling through space.   To go out and deliberately try to eradicate one section of that captive population may set off a series of events that could trigger the end of the planet on which we live.   To call me a Pollyanna would be unkind, I think, because humanity might survive a catastrophe such as a nuclear war and the winter that would necessarily follow it.   People living today, accustomed to our creature comforts would not survive, while the most primordial among us probably would.   Think about that for a moment, because a moment might be all that you have in which to think…before the fireball or the shockwave takes your life.  

We are all products of a long line of evolution…that’s my belief, and to think about that long line, billions of people, being snuffed out in seconds does not make me think kindly about the current crop of lunatics running around with their various slogans.   We could, and should, return to some sort of sanity in what we say because people are listening…and some of those people are useful idiots who will turn and twist the right words into something that suits their particular need.  

The Muslims will point to the Crusades as the reason for their barbaric actions.   Truth be known, the Crusades were in retaliation to Islamic raids and inroads into Europe, and they were not bashful about taking revenge…so that’s a wash as far as I’m concerned.

So…whose life matters? Is there ANYONE that is more important than anyone else?   Everyone that I can think of can be replaced by someone else with the same training, skills and knowledge…no one is indispensable.   Everyone is necessary because you never know what the person might have accomplished if they had been allowed to live.   Think about it.

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired,

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Larry Usoff
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