HILLARY TRIES TO BE FUNNY & LIKABLE: But We All Know She’s Failing Miserably

Written by Andrew Allen on September 14, 2015

That’s the word leaked from her campaign. Isn’t funny what her joke about her snapchat account was supposed to be. Hysterical that one – it deletes stuff on its own unlike her private email server. Such wit. Wasn’t the whole Scooby van episode supposed to make her likable? Not sure how but apparently progressives believe that tooling around incognito in a van across the rust belt is enough to connect someone with regular Americans.

If it’s fourteen months before the elections and she’s having to reinvent herself, maybe Hillary’s biggest problem is Hillary.

Things like her excuse of incompetence for her private email server. Hillary has essentially told the world that she thinks she is too stupid to look at an email, understand the difference between what is and isn’t classified, and then react appropriately. Like a true Clinton, she’s also passed the buck on this one by blaming the State Department even though she was in charge of the State Department. If State said it was ok for her to have a private email server either she signed off on it herself and won’t admit it, or someone higher up in the Executive Branch did. Who Hillary, who?

Or her recent bout of running around claiming Donald Trump disrespects women. She pretends she is the leading champion of women’s rights and then promptly lets it be known that she’s letting Bill campaign for her. Bill, the “first dude”, that disrespected her when he was President. Hillary, champion of all-things-woman, hiding behind a man. That progressives don’t see through this isn’t surprising. Many of Hillary’s young leftist supporters weren’t even born when Bill and Monica Lewinsky made headlines. I’d be curious to learn how many young liberals actually know that Bill was President, or that he’s married to Hillary and not, say, her father or grandfather.

So in coming weeks we’ll be treated to the same old Hillary because she can’t be anything other than the Hillary that she is. But since she’s advised the media that she’s reinvented herself, they’ll pretend she did and they will tell us she did.

What fun.

Image; http://www.diggita.it/story.php?title=SHOCK_Hillary_Clinton_La_mamma_di_Bill_

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