NEW JERSEY CITY SCHOOLS: Are Taking A Stand Against This Muslim Demand

Published on September 22, 2015

This Jersey City School Board wasn’t going to let this happen.

JERSEY CITY — Jersey City’s school board decided against adding an Islamic holiday to its official school closure list, according to NBC New York.

The board met on Thursday to discuss the vote on closing school on Sept. 24 for Eid al-Adha, an idea some school officials previously spoke of warmly, given the community’s large Muslim population. The city has already established this holiday and Diwali as city holidays.

On Friday, Jersey City Schools Superintendent Marcia Lyles said board members were concerned that it would be too disruptive to declare a new school holiday without more advance notice.

“The concern voiced by most of the board members was that it was too short notice for parents to make arrangements if school was closed next week,” she said. “However, they expressed a commitment to pursuing ways to demonstrate how much we respect all of our cultures.”

On Saturday, Jessica Abdelnabbi Berrocal, a Muslim parent in Jersey City who started the petition for the holiday in June, said she thinks the vote rather meant that “they aren’t ready for the change.”

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