WHITE COP: Pulls Over Black Man – But You’ll Never See This Story On the Nightly News

Published on September 22, 2015

This story will never make the nightly news because of the race baiters.

Something happened after Greg Barnes, a black man, was pulled over for speeding last week, but not what you might have become accustomed to expect.

In a time when a rash of citizen encounters with police have turned into high-profile — and sometimes deadly — encounters, Barnes and the white officer had a polite interaction — capped by taking a selfie together and a Facebook post with a message about respect.

“I was pulled over today for speeding. The officer did not know me nor did I know him, but we each showed one another a mutual display of respect in our interaction,” Barnes wrote on the Sept. 18 post. “He was doing his job, and I had made a mistake in trying to hurry home to get started moving that lead to our path’s crossing.”

Barnes recounted how the unnamed police officer ran his information, but rather than getting into a confrontation with the cop, he said the two politely discussed how their days were going.

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