WHITE COP: Pulls Over Black Man – But You’ll Never See This Story On the Nightly News

This story will never make the nightly news because of the race baiters.

Something happened after Greg Barnes, a black man, was pulled over for speeding last week, but not what you might have become accustomed to expect.

In a time when a rash of citizen encounters with police have turned into high-profile — and sometimes deadly — encounters, Barnes and the white officer had a polite interaction — capped by taking a selfie together and a Facebook post with a message about respect.

“I was pulled over today for speeding. The officer did not know me nor did I know him, but we each showed one another a mutual display of respect in our interaction,” Barnes wrote on the Sept. 18 post. “He was doing his job, and I had made a mistake in trying to hurry home to get started moving that lead to our path’s crossing.”

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Barnes recounted how the unnamed police officer ran his information, but rather than getting into a confrontation with the cop, he said the two politely discussed how their days were going.

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