REMEMBER THE ARBY’S DOUCHE BAG Who Wouldn’t Serve A Cop? Arby’s Is Still Coddling Him…

It’s OK if you refuse to serve a cop now, you will get suspended from your job but still get a paycheck from them.

The Arby’s employee who was suspended more than two weeks ago for allegedly refusing to serve a police officer is still getting a paycheck from the company, two weeks after the incident.

A spokesman for Arby’s told The Daily Caller News Foundation that the company and the employee, Kenneth Davenport, 19, mutually agreed that the he would go on temporary paid leave.

“That’s where things stand at this point,” Jason Rollins, an Arby’s spokesman, told TheDCNF.

The entire scandal started when a Florida police department publicly complained saying one of their female officers was refused service at an Arby’s, simply because she was a cop.

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