50 WAYS: Life In America Would Be So Much Better If We Had A Real Leader

Written by Allan Erickson on October 20, 2015


  1. He would encourage patriotism and highlight all the good things about America at every opportunity.
  2. He would challenge youth to be good citizens, inspiring them to study hard, work hard, and prefer others.
  3. He would lead by example, exemplify courage, demonstrate integrity, tell the truth, obey the law and uphold his oath.
  4. He’d endorse the traditional family, helping state and local governments to support the family.
  5. Quality education at the local level would be his priority.
  6. The Constitution supported by the Judeo-Christian tradition would be the central focus of discussion.
  7. The Bill of Rights would be honored.
  8. The Declaration of Independence would be cited in speeches.
  9. The Founding Fathers would be quoted frequently.
  10. The federal government would be reduced in size and scope of authority, according to the Constitution.
  11. The Judiciary would be returned to its original intent.
  12. The Congress would once again become a reflection of the will of the People.
  13. The Executive branch would respect the separation of powers, checks and balances.
  14. Economic freedom as the foundation of the pursuit of happiness would be preserved and promoted, addressing poverty.
  15. Minority rights would be respected even as majority sentiment carries the day.
  16. We would see improvements in race relations as all are challenged to embrace Americanism, which is color blind.
  17. Power would be shifted away from Washington, back to the states and the People.
  18. Bureaucracies would no longer be unelected governments within the government.
  19. Spending would be reduced, taxes would be reduced, regulation would be reformed, trade strengthened, jobs created.
  20. He would never apologize for America, taking blame where none is due, always ready however to take responsibility.
  21. Equal opportunity would be the masthead of domestic policy, along with equal protection of the law.
  22. Our enemies would fear us.
  23. Our allies would trust us and back us up.
  24. The U.N. would have to find 50% of its budget elsewhere.
  25. State sponsors of terror would be sanctioned to the bone and confronted militarily where necessary.
  26. America would lead the world and never apologize for being the peace-keeping super power throughout the world.
  27. Protecting women and children would be the first order of business at home and abroad.
  28. Religious liberty at home would be respected and preserved.
  29. Rational healthcare reform would enhance treatment, lower costs and forward R&D.
  30. Our military would be the best on earth, fully equipped and ready for all contingencies, and our veterans would be honored and provided for, across the board.
  31. The environment would be protected based on solid science and rational public policy.
  32. Old folks would not have to fear assault, or hunger, or neglect.
  33. Crime would plummet and police would be respected and honored and supported.
  34. Borders would be secured, immigration laws enforced.
  35. Charitable giving would break records.  Welfare reform would help solve the problems associated with the inner city.
  36. Rates of drug addiction and alcohol abuse would be addressed, along with mental health issues.
  37. Agriculture and manufacturing would receive enhancements to increase productivity.
  38. We would fight the war on terrorism to win.  No American would be left unsecure, or forgotten in a foreign jail.
  39. We would not disarm law-abiding citizens.
  40. Respect for the rule of law would be restored.
  41. Elections would be fair, and free from fraud.
  42. Civility and common courtesy would come back.
  43. The goal of energy self-sufficiency would be achieved.
  44. Extracting natural resources would be done in safe ways in increasing measure.
  45. Alliances would be expanded and strengthened.
  46. American honor would be trusted: if we say it, we’ll do it.
  47. Term limits would help solve the problem of corruption.
  48. Trust in God would be heartily recommended without violating the 1st Amendment.
  49. The sense that life is sacred would again be top of mind.
  50. No war would be waged without Congressional approval, and every war would be fought to win as soon as possible.

If we had a real president it would not be necessary to publish a list like this.

Image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Barack_Obama_speaks_in_Cairo,_Egypt_06-04-09.jpg

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Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.