AMERICA SAYS ‘F*CK YOU SETH ROGEN’: Rogen’s ‘Steve Jobs’ Film Flops At Box Office

Published on October 24, 2015

Seth Rogen didn’t do so well in his latest film – I guess what goes around, comes around.

“Steve Jobs” didn’t just bomb this weekend, it BOMBED. Although director Danny Boyle’s biopic sits in nearly 2500 theaters and was predicted to clear around $12 million, according to Deadline, by Monday the $30 million film (closer to $60 million with distribution costs) will bottom out at $7 million.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Not even close.

First there was the pedigree: an Oscar-winning director, an Oscar-winning screenwriter, and a biopic subject who is also a national brand.

Then there is the track record: just five years ago “The Social Network,” a similar film about a similar subject written by the same Aaron Sorkin, opened to $22.4 million.   On top of that, in limited release, “Steve Jobs” was nearly breaking records.

The good juju was apparently broken when one of the film’s stars, Seth Rogen, the guy who was supposed to provide some box office insurance, launched a profanity-laced attack against Dr. Ben Carson, an attack many saw as race-based against the black Republican presidential candidate.

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