MUSLIM PEDOPHILES: Are Bringing In Pregnant Child Brides To Europe And Europe Is…

Published on October 24, 2015

Here’s Obama favorite religion doing something ‘normal’. You will see red when you see what Europe is doing about it.

CHILD brides as young as 12 have been ordered to stay with the men they were forced to marry after European officials agreed to recognise the partnerships.

It comes amid fears of a paedophilia epidemic inside European refugee camps after a pregnant 14-year-old girl went missing from a Dutch centre.

Fatema Alkasem disappeared along with her 24-year-old husband in August and police are concerned the Syrian girl needs medical care.

The Netherlands is facing an issue of providing asylum to young girls who are married in their homeland but are below the Dutch age of consent.

Dutch asylum centres are reportedly housing 20 child brides aged between 13 and 15, while three a week on average are arriving to the country.

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