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BLACK TRUMP SUPPORTER: Unleashes A Truth Bomb On Obama

By Thomas Holmes

Well, this has to be awkward for President Obama and his certain Black Lives Matter narrative. Just two days after Obama pushed black fast food worker, Terrence Wise, to the White House podium and mugged for the cameras while 36 year old Mr. Wise ignored common sense to justify why he totally deserves a 100% raise for still working a job intended for kids in puberty, comes an impassioned African American Donald Trump supporter explaining how Obama has betrayed the black community and America in general.

This video was taken on October 10th outside of a 10,000 person Trump rally in Norcross, Georgia:

Of course, the big difference between Obama’s Mr. Wise and this other black man is that our Trump supporter only has personal conviction and lacks an Obama-led publicist. But, when the latter says things like “Obama has failed us. We’re taking back America”, and “Obama helped black people get killed”, it’s easy to see the value of passion-led truth over the polish of a professional lie.

Keep in mind, this is all coming from an African American who admitted he voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 but came to realize that the President he helped elect and believed in repaid him by destroying this country and the black community particularly.

You might ask what one black man has to do with the other, but it’s an easy contrast to make. One man sees his ability for professional improvement being stolen by the president’s policies; the other wouldn’t know professional improvement if it punched him in the face.   One man switched his support to a candidate who, if nothing else, set a fire under America to wake up to regulations that are strangling businesses; the other is a publicist-coached mouthpiece of the current president who wants a better salary just ‘cause.

No mater how much President Obama claims to care about the black community, I don’t think this is one African American who can expect an invitation to the White House.

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Thomas Holmes

Thomas Holmes is a noteworthy writer who always lampoons the lunatic left with his viral posts.

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