WOUNDED COMBAT VET: A Non-Muslim Girl Becomes ‘A Muslim’ If She’s RAPED 10x By Jihadis

Written by Omar Avila on October 12, 2015

The Islamic State is at back at it with some of most horrific atrocities that the world has seen. They recently cut off the ears of 42 citizens in Mosul, Iraq because they insulted them. They also kidnapped a 22-year old girl from her village Sinjar, and she was later sold into slavery after being raped 10 times by jihadis because they claimed that would make her a Muslim.

What they’re doing comes as no surprise, and our government will never take the initiative to do anything about it. The Obama administration has shown us time after time that they support the radical Muslim brotherhood.

We need to stop this and eliminate every single one of those goat f*ckers from hurting innocent people. I really hope Russia and Putin keep hammering those bastards so that they can start counting their own soldiers’ ears.

Yes, I said Russia and Putin are the answer to taking out ISIS – I hate to say it, but it’s the truth. Many of my Navy SEAL brothers are currently deployed in Iraq and they can’t leave the forward operating base because Obama’s administration won’t give them the green light to go out and take care of business.

Why deploy some of the deadliest men in world just to stop them from doing what they do best and prevent horrors like these from happening to innocent people?

That’s exactly what they are wondering, and so am I.

I pray that Russia and Putin keep up the good work and wipe every ISIS member off the face of the earth.

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