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CARSON HITS BACK AT GQ: And Destroys The Mainstream Media At The Same Time

Ben Carson isn’t taking GQ’s crap and he’s responding in the best way possible.

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson stated GQ is “consumed with hatred and intolerance,” and the media has “become the enemy of the people” on Saturday’s “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

Carson said, in reaction to GQ’s “F*ck Ben Carson” article, “I kind of feel sorry for people who are so consumed with hatred and intolerance that they behave in that manner. I say we should pray for them. That’s my reaction.”

He added, of the article’s author, Drew Magary, “I wonder what his accomplishments are. I suspect that they probably pale in significance. But, again, when people are consumed with hatred and intolerance, I think it clouds their ability to think clearly, and we should feel sorry for them. I don’t think we should necessarily react to them. And over the course of time, I think, they and perhaps others, will be able to see that there’s a better and a more productive way to conduct one’s self.”

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