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TEXAS COP AND FORMER MARINE: Under Fire For Calling ISIS This Name

This Texas cop and former Marine is being soft on ISIS, in my opinion. What do you think?

A Texas cop and Marine Corps veteran is under fire over saying that ISIS attacks on Americans should be met with “extreme violence” and stating “That is the only thing these rock monkeys in the Middle East understand.” The Ellis, Texas, constable says the term “rock monkeys” is one used in the military. He later posted that he was adding the words ISIS in parenthesis to make it more clear for any media or reporters “who want to make me a racist.”

Within 24 hours of the Texas constable’s Facebook post, Avi Selk of The Dallas Morning News wrote a less than flattering version of the post, and included other Texas elected officials on the topic of Islam. Friends and supporters have speculated on whether the constable’s primary opponent contacted the press about his post.

Ellis County Precinct Four Constable Mike Jones posted the statement on his Facebook page just before noon on Thursday.

Ellis County is located in northeast Texas. The seat of the county is Waxahachie, Texas.

In his Facebook post, the Texas constable first encouraged others to contact their congressmen and senators to tell them “we are fed up. We want them to level the playing field and do away with these dangerous GUN FREE ZONES.”


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