HILLARY THINKS: Trying To Be Funny Will Throw Voters And The Law Off From Her BS

Published on October 4, 2015


No mater how funny and hip Hillary attempts to be, it still can’t hide the fact that she belongs in the slammer instead of the White House.

Hillary Clinton wheeled out her best Donald Trump impression before taking part in a rendition of Lean On Me during a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Appearing on the opening episode of the new series, hosted by Miley Cyrus, Clinton took part in a skit with Kate McKinnon, the latest in a long line of female comics to impersonate her on the show.

McKinnon played Clinton, while Clinton took on the role of a bartender named Val, helping the fake Clinton to blow off steam after ‘a rough couple of 22 years.’

Lamenting her flagging campaign, ‘Clinton’ can be heard complaining ‘why won’t the people just let me lead, just give me the hammer and nails and let me fix everything?’

As the conversation continues, ‘Clinton’ turns to potential political rival Trump, moaning that ‘all anybody wants to talk about is Donald Trump’.

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