THE WILL TO LIVE: Oregon Survivor Just Revealed What She Did To Live Thru Massacre

Published on October 4, 2015

This young victim survived the Oregon massacre and was able to live because of something that someone else did for her.

A young victim of the horrific Oregon college massacre successfully saved the life of a fellow student even as he lay dying from gunshot wounds, Daily Mail Online has learned.

Treven Anspach, who celebrated his 20th birthday just last month, used his dying body to cover 18-year-old Lacey Scroggins, her father revealed in an exclusive interview.

And because she ended up covered in Anspach’s blood, deranged shooter Chris Harper-Mercer thought she was already dead.

Now Lacey, a caregiver at a senior living center in Roseburg, Oregon is convinced that she owes her life to Anspach, who she knew from her high school.

Lacey is still too upset to tell her story personally, but her father, Pastor Randy Scroggins of the New Beginnings Church in Roseburg, said wants the world to know what happened and has given him the full details.

‘She was lying on the floor with her eyes closed thinking, Oh God this is the day I am going to die,’ Pastor Scroggins told Daily Mail Online as he sat inside his church.

‘She opened her eyes and watched Treven’s blood come under her arm. He was lying next to her after he had been shot, and he moved himself closer to her to cover her.

‘The shooter came to her and yelled to my daughter ‘Get up.’ She says at that moment she felt frozen to the ground.

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