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ISIS IN THE CROSSHAIRS: Putin’s Attempt to Destroy Obama’s Legacy

by Scott Adams
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

President Barack Obama’s Middle East strategy to “degrade and destroy” ISIS has failed and Russian leader Vladimir Putin may be the exclamation point that will expose this fact. Vice President Joe Biden’s promise to chase ISIS to the “Gates of Hell” was meaningless rhetoric that some may consider a flat out lie. Now that Russian law makers have unanimously supported Putin’s plan to take out ISIS, prop up Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, and stabilize the region to reverse the refugee crisis, it will only be a matter of time before Putin’s Russia replaces the United States as the dominant player in the Middle East and gains the wealth they need to counter the U.S. Russian sanctions by controlling the oil and partnering with Iran, the country that now has $150 Billion that Obama signed off on to give them.

Obama’s foreign policy that had initially been carried out by Democratic presidential candidate and frontrunner Hillary Clinton will likely go down as one of the most treasonous acts against our nation and the most misguided foreign policy strategy in history. It is no wonder that after Obama’s private meeting with Putin at the 70th UN General Assembly Obama looked as though he had just been slapped across the face by Putin behind closed doors. The hand shake was brief, and Obama looked owned like a schoolboy who just received a failing grade and didn’t know how to spin it.

Allow me.

We did not get here overnight. We got here through a series of reckless decisions inspired by Obama’s own radical ideology.

To understand what I’m about to tell you I will offer some background about Barack Obama.

One of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s mentors was Saul Alinsky who taught them how to implement their ideology by dividing, stressing, weakening and destroying what is in place so that you can ultimately “fundamentally transform” it into something that reflects your own ideology.

In 2007, Obama gave a speech in Selma, AL where he stated that the British Colonialists and white oppressors called his grandfather a “house boy”. (This video is available on Youtube). Consequently one of the first things Obama did after his election was to remove the bust of Winston Churchill.

The first major speech Obama gave as President was delivered at Cairo University in Egypt where he called for a “new beginning”, “religious tolerance”, “racial equality” and declared that “Islam is a religion of peace”. He also stated that he would “fight against negative stereotypes wherever they appear”, and that the most beautiful sound is the Muslim call to prayer. After that speech, he appointed more Muslim Brotherhood and Radical Islamic fundamentalists into his cabinet than any other U.S. president in history. Obama refuses to utter the words “radical”, “terror” and “Islam” in the same breath and prefers expressions like “work place violence” to mask reality.

Obama’s ideology effects his foreign and domestic policy, and Socialist tendencies. In most cases both foreign and domestic Obama has gotten it wrong.

When Obama stated that he “didn’t know the facts” when Harvard professor Gates fought with the Cambridge Police who were trying to help him, he chose to weigh in on the matter anyway by stating at a press conference that “the police acted stupidly”.

In 2009, the same year that America elected its first black president, Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder stated “though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and I believe continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards”.

Obama went on to make incendiary comments taking the wrong side in the Treyvon Martin case, aligned himself with race baiters like Al Sharpton and Eric Holder to instigate riots in Ferguson, and inspired violence against the police that resulted in numerous murders against our police officers. Most agree that Obama’s legacy regarding race is a complete failure that has set America back decades with regard to racial harmony and increased poverty and joblessness within black communities.

Again, if you look at Obama’s disdain for white British Colonialists and leaders like Winston Churchill it’s easy to see that Obama’s radical Socialist views of wealth redistribution and looking at people of color as victims of white oppressors is the reason why he implements his misguided policies that have failed.

People of color are not only black.

Obama’s 2007 comments in Selma and his removal of the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office make it clear that he sees Muslims as people of color who were victimized by white oppressors in much the same way as he sees the struggle within American black communities.

Obama’s ideology is what allows him to free five GITMO detainees in exchange for a treasonous Muslim sympathizer like Bowe Bergdahl. It’s what allowed him to spend more than $1-Million on a soccer field for Muslim GITMO detainees. It’s what allowed him to free ISIS commander Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi from our military detention center after he served only four years at Camp Bucca before his release in 2009. After al-Baghdadi’s release Obama paved the way for ISIS to setup headquarters in Raqqa, Syria and dominate the region by removing nearly all U.S. troops from the region against the recommendations of all the Generals in our military.

Obama refused Pentagon plans to defeat ISIS and side-stepped Congress’ appropriation authority by radically executing a go-it-alone strategy that used Hillary Clinton’s State Department to spearhead a clandestine mission that used third-party foreign groups and CIA contractors to arm Syrian rebel forces to remove Syrian leader Assad from power. These forces included ISIS, and Benghazi was part of this strategy until September 11, 2012 when four Americans lost their lives. Despite the murders no one has been held accountable for the Benghazi attack. The Arab Spring push to put the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of Egypt and assassinating the Libyan Prime Minister Muammar Gaddafi were also part of this strategy. Frankly, it’s how we got to Benghazi. Unfortunately, the beheading of journalists was also part of the mission to keep the press out of the region. After all, who wants the press around to reveal clandestine operations?

After Benghazi went down, the alternative strategy to distribute arms to Syrian Rebels and ISIS was to appropriate $5-Billion in military support to the Iraq Military who simply left the arms and assets on the ground and left without a fight. Top retired generals reported they had never seen anything like it. This is because they have never dealt with an American President like Obama. ISIS picked up the assets and brought them to Syria to use against Syrian’s leader Assad. We know this because we’ve witnessed ISIS driving American Humvees and shooting our rifles.

Congress also appropriated $500-Million to train Syrian rebels and the net gain was five rebels. Yes, that’s right, only five. The rest of the money likely went to food, shelter, support, and weaponry to ISIS and other Syrian Rebels who were fighting against the Assad regime. If you’re wondering why Obama always says ISIL it is because that’s what the Islamic State prefers to be called. The “L” at the end means “Levant” which represents a broader region of the Middle East that doesn’t recognize the state of Israel. So, every time you hear Obama say ISIL, he’s purposely disrespecting Israel.

Obama’s ideology of looking at Muslims as victims, and having disdain for Israel and the Jewish faith are what has shaped Obama’s foreign policy. It’s what allowed him to think that the Muslim Brotherhood could run Egypt, or make the claim that Yemen was a success only to learn a month later that it was a disaster. Obama has no business going it alone, and yet he does, with Iran, ISIS, Egypt, Yemen, and Libya. The trail of carnage has been brushed aside by our misguided Liberal media who support Obama, opting to allow Obama appointees like Susan Rice explain Benghazi away with a story of a senseless video or domestically with Jonathan Gruber talking about dependence on the “stupidity” of the Liberal voter. Obama’s go-it-alone strategy to support and use ISIS to take out Assad and rebuild Syria and Iraq in a way that would have been a clear departure from the Colonialist of the 1920s has finally come to an end.

By now you are probably realizing why our fight against ISIS has not been as dramatic or successful as Biden’s “Gates of Hell” comments would otherwise have indicated.

Putin’s strategy to remove ISIS, resolve the Syrian refugee crisis, stabilize the region of Syria and Iraq, and gain the power grab of oil and dominance in the region has started. In the coming weeks you will see Obama combat Russia’s efforts every step of the way because if Putin succeeds it will reveal the failure of Obama’s foreign policy. It will illustrate how ISIS could have been destroyed with ease and simplicity if even a small effort had been made, and the Pentagon commanders will ask their Commander-In-Chief one simple question. “Why?”

One thing is for sure, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Russian reset button, and Obama’s hot mic comments to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev about promises he’ll make to Vladimir Putin after the election when he has more flexibility are the real “chickens coming home to roost”, to quote Obama’s pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

God Bless America.


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Scott Adams is the host of the Scott Adams Show/and Founder of, a political radio talk show. The Scott Adams show is available on, iTunes, Tune-In, Spreaker, Stitcher and Soundcloud.

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