MIKE TYSON: Just Endorsed This GOP Candidate For President

Published on October 27, 2015

This is one unlikely match. You won’t believe who Mike Tyson just endorsed for President.

Controversial former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has endorsed Donald Trump for president.

During an interview with HuffingtonPostLive on Monday, Tyson shared his thoughts on the GOP frontrunner, as well as why he has his support.

“He should be president of the United States,” he said. “Yeah, hell yeah! Big time. Why wouldn’t anybody like that? A guy that came from where he came from, doing what he’s doing in that field, and now this is where he’s at now. You know what that means?”

Tyson continued:

That doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy and the people don’t know what they’re doing, that means the people are tired of what you’re doing, what you’ve been doing the last 20 years.

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