TEXAS MAYOR: Ticks Off Muslims In A Epic Way

Written by Thomas Holmes on October 27, 2015

By Thomas Holmes

Earlier this year Texas, of all places, was jacked into the spotlight when Irving Muslims attempted to open up Sharia Shop and run their own “voluntary court system”, you know, for all those women who want to get beaten and children who beg to be molested. Well, enter Mayor Beth Van Duyne who looked around and realized that there was some ‘splainin’ to do.

Mayor Van Duyne and the city council passed a resolution that was part of Representative Jeff Leach’s “American Laws of American Courts” movement. A movement, frankly, I’m still trying to figure out we got to a place where we need it. The title pretty much sums up its purpose; no foreign or unconstitutional sanctioned systems of justice. We have the Constitution, thanks.

Well, the poor, destitute and demonized Muslims don’t seem to care that they entered this country because they were fleeing actual threats to their lives from their Islamic heritage. They and the supportive American Left, who just think saying “no” to anybody who isn’t conservative, did not like Austin’s use of democracy one bit.   They’ve been hitting back against Mayor Van Duyne the only way they know how: attack her intelligence through insulting her femininity. In the below video, Mayor Van Duyne shares her experience with a reporter who, through brave questioning, asked about her sex life and her custody issues. Yep, the Left sure have the utmost respect for and insight into the modern woman.

I think my favorite example of Left’s disdain for this lost near-victory over American Constitutionalism is a report after the 5-4 council vote to uphold the “American Laws” resolution by the Dallas-Morning New which can safely be labeled as “biased”. In it, reporter novelist, Avi Selk, attempts to explain that the Muslim council’s attempt to create its own court is similar to “Catholic dioceses and Jewish synagogues [which] have run similar tribunals for centuries”. Mr. Selk fails to provide any specific similar examples or entertain us with which of these synagogues and diocese, in creating their tribunals also created an anti-Constitutional justice systems. Or in fact, which Christian or Jewish laws equal brutality of Sharia Law that traditional Muslims such as the ones sponsoring this court came from. I guess Christian and Jewish law was too busy originating what became western law and the American Constitution.

What’s still shocking about this whole bit of insanity is that the Irving City Council still only voted against the Muslim court by a 5-4 margin. It may not be a victory for liberty haters but it is a measuring stick and that alone should be a wake up call to those who want to restore America but also retain it for the legal immigrants who’ve arrived to become American, not force America to transform into their image.

Thomas Holmes is a noteworthy writer who always lampoons the lunatic left with his viral posts.