OBAMA’S ECONOMIC POLICIES: They’re Taking Effect…Hurting Working Americans In EPIC Way

Published on October 2, 2015

By Dave Grigger

Conservatives have been long warned that Barack Obama’s childish understanding of economics would drive the country into deeper debt and kill jobs. The numbers have finally arrived, and they’re right on the money – or lack thereof.

This past September was a record-breaking month. Nearly 100,000,000 Americans are out of work, and a surprising number of those are not even trying to find a job in the first place, given the bleak prospects.

Even Americans willing to make compromises with their work hours are finding their positions cut, as employers cut part-time workers just to stay afloat. Obamacare’s requirements have wreaked a dangerous havoc here.

Liberal progressives have long denied the growing evidence for Obama’s economic disasters, but the numbers are now so stark that even the Huffington Post has taken notice.

Obama himself, meanwhile, has found a welcome distraction in the Oregon shooting as he renews his war against the 2nd Amendment. As the evidence mounts and jobs disappear, the deaths of several Americans could not have come at a better time for his administration.

Will the president finally recognize the direction in which he’s steered the country?

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