WOUNDED COMBAT VET: Gives A Solution For Mass Shootings, But Obama Would Never Do It

Written by Omar Avila on October 2, 2015

First of all, my prayers go out to all the victims and families of the Oregon shooting. Another coward takes the lives of 10 innocent Christians who were unarmed and unable to defend themselves from the terrorist who took their life.

An Army Veteran was shot 7 times trying to protect, defend and save the lives of his fellow students. He was shot in the back, abdomen, hands, and has two broken legs. Can you imagine if this 10 year Army Veteran had a concealed handgun license or permission to carry a weapon on school grounds? The terrorist would have been taken out by the veteran – or any civilian with a weapon – and probably would have saved more innocent lives.

It’s time that our schools allowed our students the right to defend themselves against any threat. Let’s start by allowing veterans and those with experience to carry a concealed weapon on campus. But what about those that don’t have experience or have never handled a weapon you ask? The solution is simple: there are a ton of veterans with experience and knowledge to train anybody. Let’s hire the veterans to run a course on campus and teach the students how to react if the situation were to ever present itself. That’s my logical answer.

Instead, we have the President on Live TV ranting about how HE needs to take away our weapons because some lunatic killed innocent people with a gun. Mr. President, do you really think guns kill people? I guess pencils misspell words, cars drive drunk, and spoons make people fat.

I will die before I turn my weapons over to the government, leave my family unprotected, and let the terrorists you’re allowing into our country to take over once we are helpless. Over my dead body!

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