FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION: Enabling Potential Enemies to Destroy America

Written by Larry Usoff on October 19, 2015

You certainly don’t need a definition of insanity, do you?   Is there an adult reading this that doesn’t know what insanity is, or how it is sometimes displayed?

Let me bring this down to a level that pretty much any of us can understand.   If you work and you earn, for ease of figuring, $100 per week, but you spend $120 a week, wouldn’t that be classified as a form of insanity?  You would want to spend less than you make so you can put some money aside, right?  Alright, continuing on with this example, you’re spending $120 a week, AND you’re borrowing another $50 a week so that you can GIVE some of that money to your friends…doesn’t that also fall into the category of some form of insanity?   Maybe it isn’t enough to have you hauled off to the looney bin, but it sure isn’t good money managing, is it?  

Now, let’s look at some real money managing, or in this case, mis-management.   The federal government, under the current administration, takes in an enormous amount of money in taxes…enough, some financial experts say, to balance the budget if it were not for the huge amount of money that we owe, the interest on that money, and the money that we give away to keep the friends that we must continue to buy off.  Ok, you got that picture, let’s look at something else.

Two “frienemies” –- a term that seems to denote countries that are friendly on the surface, but could be and would be, potential enemies if and when war comes -– China and Russia, two countries that we helped save during World War Two, and which we helped to put back on the road to recovery following that war, are now hinting that they could be fighting us in a future war.   Where does the insanity come in here, you ask?  Oh, that’s easy. Both of those countries have free access to public information on just about every weapon that the United States develops.   They study information which can be found online, in hard copy books and other sources and then they reverse-engineer their own version of that…which is why some of the newest aircraft that these countries exhibit could be clones of our own planes.   While we’re playing nice, and hoping that they won’t do anything, our own armed forces are being cut to the bone.

There’s the insanity in this situation.   It would be the same situation if you knew that you might be burglarized and you gave the burglar the key to the house, the code to the alarm system and whatever weapons you might have.

Another instance of insanity is this…we are being inundated with so-called “refugees” from countries that have a culture that is diametrically opposed to what we have under the US Constitution.   I believe that this administration under the leadership, if you want to call it that, of Barack Hussein Obama (Don’t you just LOVE those American names?) is deliberately flooding the country with people who not only think differently about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, than we do, but who love death more than we love life.   Countries from which these refugees are coming are not sending many women and children.  No, they are sending young, apparently able, males, many of whom could be, and probably are, terrorists.   The administration knows full well that these immigrants will eventually gain some sort of identification and using that, will begin to challenge and adjust American thinking.   At this point you should be asking yourself “How can this happen?”   The answer is, again, a form of insanity.   For a couple of generations now, academia has been, and still is, overloaded with left-leaning thinkers who indoctrinate their students in that direction.

There is no room for discussion, dissertation or desertion from what has become “the party line” as expressed by teachers, professors and even principals of schools all over the country.   When the American flag is banned from school, in almost any form, when certain words and phrases which have been part of our student’s pledges to the flag, the Constitution and the nation, are banned…there’s your insanity.   Couple that with textbooks that lean so heavily in the direction of Islam you might think that the schoolroom was in a mosque!   Our children are being educated, not to become free thinkers, but to become useful idiots who will know only the Islamic way of life, and who will accept it because they don’t know any different.   Ignorance and apathy are running rampant in the United States and it doesn’t bode well for our future.

Last, but not least, we have an election coming up next year.   The country has been sliced and diced into little groups and each has an agenda that is not good for the country.   There are black groups that want to kill Whitey.   There are white groups that want to suppress, if not kill, blacks.   There are gangs made up of so-called “brown” people that are working with other groups.  There are terrorists in the country already plotting the takeover and future plans.   All the while Americans are mostly interested in everything but national security…and that’s insanity, too.

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired,


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Larry Usoff
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