OREGON VICTIM’S FATHER: Refuses to Meet Obama for This Reason – & We Applaud Him

Published on October 8, 2015

This Oregon victim’s father is not going to let Obama have his way.

The father of one of the survivors of last week’s shooting at an Oregon college said his family has no intention of meeting with President Barack Obama when the president visits the area later this week.

Stacy Boylan, father of Umpqua Community College student Ana Boylan, openly questions Obama’s motives for coming to Roseburg — with good reason, considering the president said “we should politicize” shootings such as that which occurred last week.

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Ana continues to recover after being shot in the back by the gunman.

“I do believe it was Rahm Emmanuel [who] said, ‘Never let a good tragedy go to waste,’” Boylan told Fox News host Megyn Kelly in an appearance, Tuesday, on the “The Kelly File.”

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