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THE ‘BILLY GRAHAM’ OF ISLAM: Held On Bond for $1Mil For Sexual Harassment

Please, tell me more about how Christianity is ‘just like’ Islam.

Early this year, an Islamic Imam in a western Chicago suburb, who was hailed as the Muslim “Billy Graham,” was accused of sexual assault of an employee at the Islamic institute he founded. Now the Muslim leader has reportedly been charged with another crime of sexually harassing a minor and is being held on a million-dollar bond.

This is the second major case of sexual abuse against Mohammad Abdullah Saleem, 75, and even as the previous case is still winding its way through the courts, the Imam now stands accused of the sexual abuse of a minor.

The new charges stem from the alleged abuse of a 14-year-old girl, starting back in 2001 and continuing until 2003, when the victim moved to another state to continue her schooling.

Saleem has been arrested for this latest case and is being held on a million-dollar bond. The Muslim teacher is scheduled to appear in court Oct. 29 to face these charges.

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