QUESTION: Where Have All The Real Men Gone In The US?

Written by Rod Eccles on October 28, 2015

This past weekend, I noticed something from watching a little TV and experiencing an event in person, and that is we as a nation, as humans, are in some big, HUGE trouble. I to ask myself where have all the men gone?

I mean real men.  The kind that knows what it means to be a man.  The kind that takes responsibility for themselves and their families.  You know the male of the human genome that has always been around since man first walked the earth?

You see, what I saw this weekend is a bunch of men who seem more feminine than women.  They have this wimpy notion that being in touch with their feelings and allowing fear to be the lead of their personality.

Think about it, we have men that are more worried about their weight and appearance than most women and man buns are the rage among the under 35 set. This is something a real man would not have ever been caught doing to their hair unless it was long and needed to be tucked up for safety reasons while doing their job.

Today, in America and in much of the west, males (notice I did not say men) walk around with makeup on their faces and take as long to apply it in the morning as women. Over the weekend, I saw something for the first time in my life and it was a condemnation on what the status of a male is today. For the first time, I saw a male driving a car while putting on makeup. 

Sure you could say that this male was on his way to a Halloween party and this is the time of year where that could have been true.  However, this was during the morning commute while I was on my way to the airport. This male was in a suit, a business suit and the makeup he was applying was not the scary kind.  Although it was a scary sight, not because he was putting on makeup, because I have seen it countless times with women, but it was the fact that he was a male.

We have turned men into wimpy, overly skinny shadows of what men used to be and this has huge implications for our society because real men still exist in much of the world.  Real men still exist in much of the rising economic and military nations of the world and real men always triumph over feminized men. Feminized men will always cower in the corner at the first sign of violence. 

This is what the New York Times promoted in an article recently about what it means to be a real man today.  The New York Times actually wrote that a real man doesn’t own a gun and does not want to own a gun and has no desire to ever own a gun or shoot a gun. Now can you imagine our military populated by these kinds of males?

We have males today that are more overprotective of their kids than women.  I find it troubling that women often are heard telling the males to stop hovering over their kids because it used to be the man would tell the kid to get dirty, get scrapes, and get scratches.

Today I see women taking their kids to Karate school and encouraging their kids to get “violent” in class.  I kid you not because while auditing a school of martial arts, I actually saw two “dads” covering their faces as their kids went through sparring practice. They covered their faces!!

Where have all the real men gone?  Real men are getting old and the new generation of males doesn’t seem to have any desire to be men.  When we have a society where the women are manlier than the men it leads to
nothing but decline and destruction.

I am not saying that makeup and dressing well are not manly, but it is how you do it.  Let’s face it, 200 years ago French men wore makeup, were impeccably dressed yet they were indeed men.  In the modern times of The United States, men were impeccably dressed, wore hats and were men.

Today, we have males that sound like a woman, act like a woman, dress like a woman, and often think they are a woman.  It’s a shame when we as a nation, a society, now have to depend on a woman to turn their boys into men. 

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Rod Eccles
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