VOODOO POLITICS: Americans Are Falling for Biased Media and Socialist Candidates

Written by Rob Morse on October 5, 2015

We live in an age of voodoo politics. A socialist politician can make any claim.. .and the biased media will nod their approval. Liberal commentators search far and wide until they find some obscure situation where the politician’s lie remotely resembles the truth. The fact is…we’re fed far too many lies by our politicians… and the media. I’ll show you.

– We’re told that doubling our government debt helped the US economy… except even federal economists say the new debt and government payoffs to crony capitalists didn’t produce jobs. You know the politicians are telling huge lies when even government economists don’t believe them. Deficit spending is simply more voodoo public relations to excuse political kickbacks.

– We’re told that open borders immigration costs us nothing. Really? If immigrants will make our country rich, then why didn’t they make THEIR country rich? In fact, we know that most illegal immigrants are on government aid. They are also eight times more likely to commit murder and 10 times more likely to commit crimes than legal residents. They cost us 10 trillion dollars.

– We’re told that more gun prohibition will stop criminals from getting guns…even though criminals actually get their guns from other gang members. Believe me, those gang members are not about to run a federal background check when they give their fellow gang member a gun. We’re told that “mandatory background checks” would stop crazy mass murderers…even though recent mass murderers either passed their background checks or evaded them. The politicians never really tell us how regulating law abiding citizens like you and me will do anything to stop the criminals and the crazies. Gun control is simply more voodoo politics.

– We’re told that marriage doesn’t matter… except we know better. Time and again we’ve see that men, women, and children do better in a home where married parents raise their biological children. So why does government pay to break up families while the media simply nods?

– We’ve seen that politicians will divide America to stay in power. Politicians and the media call us racist when we point out that Obama routinely uses government agencies to breaks laws and punish his political enemies. The only thing that stops Obama from being impeached for his crimes is the slim margin he has in the US Senate. (It takes 60 votes of the Senate to pass impeachment. Obama has more than 40 Democrat Senators.) Given that Obama breaks the law, is there any reason to ask Republicans to obey our laws once they hold the Oval Office and have at least 40 votes in the Senate? To obey the law is now a case of unilateral disarmament.

As active citizens, we need to do more than watch the news in order to be informed. We need to do more than complain to our friends over coffee to change our government. What are we going to do?

To start, it helps if we are registered to vote and show up to cast our ballot.

Image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Witch_doctor

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