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SAY HELLO TO ‘EURABIA’: Rape, Birth-Bombs and An Islamic Invasion of Europe

The recent visit by the Pope in the United States, and Cuba, has pointed up a few things that should be noted.   Here’s a few excerpts from Judi McCleod’s article in the Canada Free Press on September 25th…she says…

when it comes to blaming America, the Pope and the President sing from the same choir book.   But Pope Francis is not entitled to take away from the people of any nation, their sovereignty and very liberty. Yet that’s exactly what he was up to in his praise-heaping address to the United Nations today.   The world body’s long-held intention is to gain control of all world citizens by corralling them into a false utopia called One World Government,  and Pope Francis is all for it.

Nor is there any mistaking where the UN’s new Agenda 21 is taking us all if we don’t find a way to stop its relentless advance.   Nancy Pelosi’s definition of Agenda 21 that it’s “a comprehensive blue print” for the reorganization of human society should send chills down the backs of freedom-loving citizens everywhere.   “We were told, without hesitation, that Agenda 21 was aimed at destroying free enterprise. That it is was a clarion call for humans to live on less and that Earth could no longer sustain the consumptive appetite of United States of America”.

Tom Deweese writes.  “They told us, but so many weren’t listening. It took over 15 years for many to finally understand the agenda of Agenda 21. By then it was firmly entrenched in every government agency, every community plan, and every school curriculum. So much so that many now say it is impossible to combat. That it’s a done deal.”  You remember hearing about Agenda 21, don’t you?  Between it, and Islam’s clarion call for “world peace” one has to wonder what’s in store for the United States.   Oh, by the way, “world peace” to Islam means that everyone has succumbed to Islam, so just keep that in mind.

The Pontiff’s visit to Cuba is, like our new recognition of that island nation, not a good thing.   This is not going to have the hoped-for results of trade and freedom for Havana. The Castro regime, like the Iranian regime, got everything, and the United States got nothing.   In Cuba, as in Iran, there are Americans that should be repatriated back to the United States, but nothing was said about them.   Raul Castro has proven to be every bit as shrewd and vicious as his brother Fidel.   In Miami, where thousands of Cuban exiles have gone, made new lives and prospered, the consensus is that it was a bad deal and Bibi Netanyahu, speaking about the Iran deal, said that no deal was better than a bad deal.   Think about this…both Russia and China are interested in Cuba, and have been sending “stuff” to them for years.   The question is, what sort of “stuff” is it?

Did the Russians manage to re-stock the Cubans with missiles, and keep in mind that it’s only 235 miles to Miami.   For a missile traveling at supersonic speed, that’s the same as a blink of the eye.  Where are you going in the blink of an eye?

One last thought about the Pope…he represents 1.2 billion Catholics, and there are, according to my research, 1.2 billion Muslims.  Using what they call the womb-bomb, out-breeding everyone else at an average of 5 to 1, they will overtake the Catholics in about 20 years, would be my guess.   Why didn’t he say something about that?   Why didn’t he say anything about the daily slaughter of Christians of all denominations wherever Islam is dominant?   Would that have upset the “happy” mood he set when making his tour(s)?

Eurabia, formerly known as Europe, is undergoing a change.   Islam is making serious inroads in places where they could not reach back in the time of the Crusades.  Somewhere around the 10th, 11th and 12th centuries, the Muslim hordes were running amok across North Africa, jumping onto Europe and, like the Vikings had done before them, conquering a large part of Europe.   They were, at one point, very near the gates of Rome and had they conquered the Vatican we’d be seeing the Caliph flying from place to place instead of the Pope.  

You won’t get the real stuff from the mainstream media, I guarantee you…but, as an example Malmo, Sweden, has become the rape capitol of the world!    One of the higher-echelon Imams of Islam has already said that it was more or less the duty of every Muslim male to impregnate European women and increase the Muslim population.   In some places, especially in France and Germany, no police forces may enter these Muslim enclaves for fear they would be killed.

Here, in this wonderful-but-naïve country, the general population is fast becoming a nation of useful idiots with their beliefs that Islam is a religion of peace, their blanket acceptance of whatever pap is fed to them in academia and their obsession(s) with things trivial.   Wake up America…your country needs you…desperately!

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired/

If you want to sound the alarm about the emergence of “Eurabia” from Europe.

Larry Usoff

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired. Articulate. Opinionated. Patriotic. Conservative. Cultured enough so that I can be taken almost anywhere. Makes no excuses for what I say or do, but takes responsibility for them. Duty. Honor. Country. E-mail me at:

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