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WHAT BORAT NEVER TOLD US: Kazakhstan Is The Ultimate Liberal Paradise

by Ian Bayne
Clash Daily Contributor

Want a perfect Democrat-Run Government? How About Kazakhstan?
Best known as home to the fictional “Borat” character played by Sacha Baron Cohen, Kazakhstan was born in 1991 as the last territory to give up home on the former communist Soviet Union.
But while Borat pokes fun of the country that is home to “the best prostitutes in the world”, reality is that it is the ultimate Democrat paradise. Policy is virtually identical to U.S. Democrat policy.
1. Silencing Free Speech
While Obama has recently opened a “Domestic Terror” office to regulate the activities of the Tea Party and political opponents of total government control, the Kazakhstan senate is considering a law to totally control free speech.
The law would mandate a single “government approved” individual to determine how much money and where that money would go in all organizations. All organizations would submit information about founders, expenses, and activities to be placed in a database.
While the latter sounds a lot like our U.S. Federal Elections Commission, the former is no doubt a dream of tens of thousands of Democrats to be able to decide that Tea Party groups aren’t being fair with advertising, or that a talk show host “isn’t completely accurate” in his or her reporting.
2. Rebuilding Roads and Bridges
Every establishment politician who has taken a dime from the Chamber of Commerce repeats the faulty premise that American roads and bridges must be repaired immediately.
President Obama declared his effort to put Americans back to work would be to employ construction workers, at taxpayer expense, to rebuild these roads and bridges.
In Kazakhstan, they’ve branded the idea. Known as “Nurly Zhol” or Bright Path, President Nazarbayev announced a plan to invest taxpayer money into a nationwide effort to rebuild infrastructure.
3. Green Energy
With obvious Democrat efforts to trick and force Americans to pay extra money for inferior “green” energy products underway, Kazakhstan is leading the way with no political opposition.
The Kazakhstan 2050 Strategy initiative will demand vague guidelines, much like those set out by Democrat, to create what they call a “green” economy. In 2013, wind turbines were introduced to the nation.
4. Controlling the Media
With Democrats passing new FCC regulations on the internet in an effort to stop political blogs and spoken word podcasts that speak truth to citizens, Kazakhstan, once again, is showing them how it’s done.
Kazakhfilm, the state run film studio, decides all aspects of production nationwide.
Democrats, a few steps behind their sister nation, has successfully created state run “Film Bureau” offices. The offices pretend to be designed to encourage films to be made in their states and cities, but in reality are just a step to government run motion pictures.
5. Capitalists Pay the Bill
With all of these wonderful policies that dictate life in Kazakhstan, the reality is that they don’t make fiscal sense.
While American government depends on the money of others to implement destructive economic policy, so too does Kazakhstan.
Kazakhstan’s largest source of revenue is the oil they condemn with their policies.


Ian Bayne editIan Bayne is a former Republican consultant, talk show host, and small business owner.

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