WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Why She Has No Place To Be Talking About ‘Blackness’

Written by Kenn Daily on October 17, 2015

The net worth of the average single black woman in America is only $5.

The worth of media mogul Whoopi Goldberg is $45 million.
That makes me wonder: What does Goldberg know about being a black woman?
I first asked that question in 2012 when Goldberg exploded on the set of The View during an interview with conservative writer Ann Coulter.
“Well tell me what you know about being black,” Goldberg said to Coulter.
Not much has changed.
In recent days Goldberg has focused her tantrum on another conservative, actor Kelsey Gammer. The winner of five Primetime Emmy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards was photographed wearing a t-shirt that included the image of a handgun and the words, “Would it bother us more if they used guns?”
The shirt include the website ABORT73.com, a pro-life organizaton. 
kelseyWhoopi’s response? 
LifeNews.com quoted Goldberg as retorting, “Men should shut up about abortion.”
It appears that Goldberg believes that only black woman are qualified to address social and economic issues relative to themselves and that only neo-feminists should speak to pre-natal baby killing. 
Again, that makes me wonder: Who is Whoopi Goldberg? Is the multimillionaire truly qualified to speak for black women? Is she qualified to speak for all women? 
Whoopi reportedly assumed a Jewish surname to advance her prospects in the entertainment industry which has a significant Jewish presence, particularly among movers and shakers.
Whoopi also has a long history of romantic interests in white men. Her three former husbands, Alvin “Louise” Martin, David Claessen, and Lyle Trachtenberg and former live-in partner Frank Langella, were all white.
I know of few black women who marry white men. I know of no others who have had three white husbands and a white live-in partner.
Few people know that the millionaire lived, by choice, in communist East Germany from 1979 to 1981. The now-defunct nation was, at the time, overwhelmingly white. To my knowledge, Whoopi has never lived in or spent time in a nation with a black majority population.
Like many Africans in America, Whoopi prefers to live among whites and complain about mistreatment, injustice and lack of respect rather than move to a sub-Saharan nation, such as Zimbabwe or Cameroon, and invest her talents to the advantage of her people.
According to Wikipedia, “Results of a DNA test, revealed in the 2006 PBS documentary African American Lives, traced part of her ancestry to the Papel and Bayote people of modern-day Guinea-Bissau. Her admixture test indicates that she is 92 percent of sub-Saharan African origin and 8 percent of European origin.”

Images: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whoopi_Goldberg; and Kelsey Grammer, Instagram

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Kenn Daily
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