WOUNDED COMBAT VET: Blasts #BlackLivesMatter Chick Who Called For Murder Of Whites

Written by Omar Avila on October 27, 2015

When it comes to “free speech” in the First Amendment, there is a very fine line between actual free speech and terroristic threats or criminal solicitation.

What follows falls on the side of the latter.

On September 24, 2015, Latausha Nedd was arrested and held on $70,000 bail for making videos calling for “blacks to take police officers’ guns, take over police stations and kill white people,” while waving around a gun and a machete.

I fail to see how this constitutes “free speech” – as it seems to be more of a call to murder white people and police officers. The #BlackLivesMatter movement continually conflates “white people” and “police officers,” as though there are no black (or other non-white) police officers serving anywhere.

Then, people like Ms. Nedd start with that premise – the premise that all white people are devoted to murdering all black people – and then come to the conclusion that all black people must kill all white people in order for their “collective liberation” to manifest itself.

The second dynamic at play here is that there is no need for “collective liberation.” They are not oppressed. Every American citizen has the same opportunities in this country. Some may have to work harder to get a certain position than others, but it is doable. Much of one’s journey has to do with the choices that one makes, be it in academics, parenting decisions, or choice of future occupational goals.

Look at Dr. Ben Carson, a brilliant neurosurgeon and wildly popular current presidential candidate. Look at Governor Bobby Jindal (LA). Look at former Gov. Sarah Palin (AK). Look at former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Look at Herman Cain, founder and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. None of these people are white and male. They all made it to where they are based on hard work, hard choices, and the support of their families.

You are not handed life on a platter. People start life in different circumstances. It is what it is. But the solution is not to kill everyone who looks different than you and to openly advocate this criminal activity.

There is also a third dynamic at play here; going back to the story expounded upon above, if one were to reverse the races, and a white woman were calling for “[whites] to take police officers’ guns, take over a police stations and kill [black] people,” it stands to reason that this story would have been front and center in the national media within hours. Instead, out of first ten hits on Google when searching for her quote: “blacks to take police officers’ guns, take over a police station and kill white people,” there was one article in the local news (Entry 8) and nine conservative or right-leaning websites.

This should be national news on every news outlet in America. Yet, it is not. The smart money is that, if the races were reversed, the mainstream media would be foaming at the mouth to show how all white people want to kill all black people.

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