OBAMA DECLARES WAR: But It Isn’t On ISIS … And It Could Be YOU

Written by Wes Walker on November 19, 2015

President Obama — while all the world is distracted by those “setbacks” in Paris, and elsewhere, where ISIS has left blood and destruction — knows not to be distracted by these trivialities. He knows the real threat. Well, it must be the real threat. It’s where he’s turned his attention.

Maybe you doubt that Obama dismisses ISIS as a serious threat. Fair enough. Should I go all the way back when he called them Junior Varsity? Is that unfair? How about just to Friday when he said ISIS was “contained”. Or perhaps just the fact that I haven’t heard him utter the term “Islamic Terrorist” yet.

(Maybe that Muslim guy in France who isn’t afraid to call them “Islamic Terrorists” nor afraid to tell them to  F–K Off could set Obama straight on that account. Would Obama call that guy “Islamophobic”? — Hey PC refs! Can we get a ruling on that one?)

Anyway, Obama doesn’t really have time to strike out at murderous Muslim fanatics. He’s too busy popping off at the really important enemy.  The U-S-of-A.

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Sorry, he’s not blasting the WHOLE country. Just the Republicans. Because Republicans are afraid of bringing in masses of uncleared male refugees of fighting age with dubious intentions.

I mean, how ridiculous, right? We’ve let wave after wave come in over the Southern Border, and there’s been no negative consequences from that, have there?

Obama’s genius quip? “GOP refugee opponents are afraid of widows and orphans.” (With no actual mention of the mysterious absence either of widows or orphans, even by the UN’s own numbers.)

He also said attempts to thwart his plan of importing tens of thousands of refugees are “political posturing” that “needs to stop”.

Obama’s still claiming that refugees get “the most rigorous [screening] process conceivable”. Really? Then surely you could explain the 70 or so terror arrests that included — you guessed it — refugees.

Obama’s only blasting the Republicans, not the whole nation.  Wait… scratch that, the polls are in. Apparently the majority of Americans don’t exactly buy his “rigorous screening” nonsense.  So that criticism officially extends to the majority of America. What else is new?

At least Ted Cruz was able to throw those words back in his face.

But Obama would NEVER shove something down voters’ throats that the majority doesn’t support, would he? Because he’s Mr. Transparency, the Man of the People, the guy who gave you Obamacare… whether you knew you wanted it or not.

And now he’s come to school you about America’s best interests for Immigration. Because, as Chris Rock once said, he’s like the boss … the dad of the country.

Unless I’ve sadly under-estimated the American spirit, you folks aren’t very good at taking orders from a self-styled king: not even if he has a pen and a phone. Are you going to stand up and tell him exactly where to stick his “Fundamental Change”?

Yeah, I thought you might.

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